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About Hero of Taslinia

Mankind were slaves to the Lusus Hellions once… But a united force of man, dryads, and elves rose up, and defeated those creatures. With the Hellions sealed away, the Kingdom enjoyed years of peace… But somehow the Hellions found a way to claw themselves back! Now you must choose to rise up against them or fall to be their victims once again.

In Hero of Taslinia, you create your own team to battle out against all kinds of strong foes that may tip the balance between good and evil.

Play with friends to earn extra benefits, help each other or battle it out to see who is stronger. Craft and collect powerful weapons and armors to show the world!


2. Create your hero, customize your team, craft powerful weapons and armors!
3. Play the “HoT” story to help defeat the Hellions!
4. Participate in intense PVP battles to win more!
5. Join clans to protect lands from invading World Bosses and other clans! (Coming soon!)


WE LOVE FEEDBACK! Don’t hesitate to write to us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hero of Taslinia?

Hero of Taslinia is a game where you can create your own team and battle against strong foes in order to tip the balance between good and evil.

How can I customize my hero and team in Hero of Taslinia?

In Hero of Taslinia, you have the ability to customize your hero and team, as well as craft powerful weapons and armors.

Is Hero of Taslinia free to play?

Yes, Hero of Taslinia is free to play.

What is the "HoT" story in Hero of Taslinia?

The "HoT" story is the main story of Hero of Taslinia where players can help in defeating the Hellions.

Can I participate in intense PVP battles in Hero of Taslinia?

Yes, in Hero of Taslinia, you can participate in intense PVP battles to win more.

Is there a feature to join clans in Hero of Taslinia?

Yes, there is a feature to join clans in Hero of Taslinia to protect lands from invading World Bosses and other clans. (Coming soon!)

How can I stay connected with Hero of Taslinia?

You can follow Hero of Taslinia on Facebook at

How can I provide feedback for Hero of Taslinia?

You can write to the game support team at [email protected].
The most unique and what i think is the best feature in this game is to have players create heroes instead of giving pre-made ones. i like the narrative of the story even if it is done a lot but since the ga...
Re:ACT Cadenza
I personally love this game so much. Its very interactive and has a great story as well. Its one of the most put together games I've ever played. There is the option to spend money, but it really isnt nessec...
Xuan Bushe
Excellent character designs. Nice layouts and instructions you can understand. So far, I'm enjoying it. EDIT: Out of all the games I've tried, this developer actually listens when you have a request or sugge...
Shalo Raffels
Its so good I wish I was in this game and also this looks so good and real
Rochell Walker
This game is so entertaining and addicting! This game has no ads, and it is a fun process to get your characters' levels up. It's like watching your children grow haha.
Mercie Crutcher
Really fun game with many things to do! You can come back to play the game many times throughout the day, between the recharge, free energy, and different play modes. While purchases make things go quicker, ...
Noreene Gorusso