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About Secret Forest Cats

Games have become a thing these days ...

Decorate your house and collect cats by turning on the app for a moment.

There are items and furniture that cats will love.

If you make one by one, cute cats will appear ...

You can enjoy it slowly.

And, when you get close to a cat, it does something special :)

Get acquainted with various cats and complete a nice album.

It can be used as wallpaper for your PC or mobile!

* Characteristic
- So much so simple operation
- Day and night changes (real-time)
- Dozens of cats
- Cute animation
- Beautiful motion background
- Google Play game service integration (Cloud storage)

* How to play
- Tap the tree on the right side to collect wood and make furniture.
- Fish and fill the fish. Cats consume fish whenever they visit.
- Upgrade with gifts from fishing or cats.
- You can move to the encyclopedia by swiping the right corner like a book.
- Completion of various encyclopedia to Earn a special album.

* Cloud storage
- It is a serverless service. It does not collect any information from the game.
Install / link the Google Play Games app to keep your game progress safely.

* Authority guide
- File Access, Camera : Used to store special albums in the device gallery.

******* Error notice *******
- When linking Google Play game services, if you have the permission to uncheck, the app may not run.
Please reboot the device and check all the re-launch the app.
It is not used for any other purpose than to load/save the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I do in Secret Forest Cats?

You can decorate your house, collect cats, and enjoy various activities within the app.

How can I collect cats in the game?

By turning on the app, you can attract and collect cute cats.

What features does Secret Forest Cats have?

The game offers simple operation, day and night changes in real-time, dozens of cats, cute animation, beautiful motion backgrounds, and integration with Google Play game services.

How do I play Secret Forest Cats?

You can tap the tree to collect wood and make furniture, feed the cats with fish, upgrade using gifts, and explore the encyclopedia to earn a special album.

Is there cloud storage available in the game?

Yes, Secret Forest Cats offers serverless cloud storage for your game progress. You can install or link the Google Play Games app to ensure the safekeeping of your progress.

What permissions does the app require?

Secret Forest Cats requires file access and camera permissions, which are used to store special albums in your device gallery.

What should I do if the app doesn't run after linking Google Play game services?

If you encounter issues after linking Google Play game services, please try rebooting your device and relaunching the app. Make sure to check all the necessary permissions for the app to function properly.