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About Tsuki Adventure

Tsuki was lonely. A stressful job. A thankless boss. A busy, chaotic life in a noisy city. But one day with the arrival of a plain letter... everything changed for Tsuki.

The letter was from Tsuki's grandfather who had passed away, leaving Tsuki the family carrot farm in rustic Mushroom Village. What a perfect opportunity for a new beginning.

Now, here in the countryside, away from all the noise and stress of a former life, Tsuki quickly comes to appreciate the simple things.

Whether it's fishing with Yori the fox, reading books with Chi the giraffe, or sampling the most delicious bowl of ramen made by Tsuki's good friend, Bobo the panda... every moment is precious.

Join Tsuki in an awe-inspiring adventure and discover all the beauty that country life has to offer.

Tsuki Adventure requires read/write access to external storage in order to save your progress locally on your device.

This game is not intended for children and may have some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Tsuki Adventure about?

Tsuki Adventure is about a character named Tsuki who inherits a carrot farm in Mushroom Village from their grandfather, leading to a new beginning in the countryside and a simple life away from stress and noise.

What can you do in Tsuki Adventure?

In Tsuki Adventure, you can fish with Yori the fox, read books with Chi the giraffe, sample ramen made by Bobo the panda, and experience the beauty of country life.
Cute and relaxing game.
Pretty and nice to check in and see what Tsuki is up to.
Hazel Walsh
I love this app and it's so cute! I like that Tsuki isn't your pet and he does what he wants! It's just a fun game to come to whenever you are bored.
Soppy The Frog
Becky Simon
relaxing game
drgn a