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About Amaru: The Self-Care Virtual Pet

This game is currently in our free OPEN BETA phase. Any feedback as you navigate the experience would be appreciated!

Amaru: The Self-Care Virtual Pet supports your self-care habits through building a relationship with your very own virtual pet!

You'll feed, pet, and play with the adorable Amaru while also engaging in guided mindfulness exercises and journal activities that build focus and resilience to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Explore the mysterious world of Enso, earn rewards to customize your experience, and build an Aura that inspires Amaru to maintain his peace of mind.


1) Your Very Own Virtual Pet

- Feed, pet, and play with your new best friend!

- Amaru will awaken and go to sleep based on your goal times for beginning your morning routine and powering down electronics for the night.

- Taking good care of Amaru strengthens your Bond over time, unlocking new treasures and opportunities!

2) Beautiful Hand-Drawn Animations and Narratives

- Enjoy delightful animation in a timeless art style.

- Transport yourself to the world of Enso on the border of the peaceful but mysterious Lotus Village.

- Explore an unfolding narrative that introduces new locations and characters over time.

3) Self-Care Support

- Scientifically validated methods for boosting focus and resilience to stress, anxiety, and depression.

- Regular practice builds your Aura, an energy field that shields your pet from anxiety.

- Customize the self-care regimen that is best for you.

4) Guided Breathing and Meditation Practices

- Follow soothing audio instructions to calm Amaru when he's anxious.

- Explore ancient practices validated with modern neuroscience that help rewire the brain toward well-being.

- Build an Aura that inspires your pet to maintain their peace of mind.

5) A Wellness Journal

- Follow journaling prompts like Gratitude Journaling.

- Gain insights into your well-being by tracking hydration, mood, and sleep quality over time.

- Customize your Journal with unique stickers and covers!

6) Fun Mobile Games to Play... or Don't!

- Take a break and challenge yourself with fun, quick mini-games!

- Earn prizes and currency to customize your in-game experience.

- If you'd prefer less screen-time, send Amaru out to explore instead. He'll return with prizes!

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