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About Crush Crush

Hey hot stuff! Are you looking for a fun and flirty game to kill some time and make you laugh out loud? That’s a crazy coincidence, because it’s been looking for you! Welcome to Crush Crush – the Idle Dating Sim!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Crush Crush?

Crush Crush is an Idle Dating Sim game that offers fun and flirty gameplay to keep you entertained and make you laugh out loud.

What can I expect from Crush Crush?

In Crush Crush, you can expect a game filled with idle dating mechanics, where you can interact with various characters and build relationships with them.
I love this game and every thing is great but there is some down sides.One the notifactions are really annoying.Two you should add more features frome the computer to the phone like uncensored mode off and s...
Jayla Powell
Its downloading for me now and ill see if its good😁
liv johnston
Takes a little patience. Cool time killer.
Paul Wehmeyer
This game is pretty cool merits five star rating when I downloaded it I never thought I would be addicted to it this much but please add a guide to this game Feliciano panda studios
Yong Philip
I played this for a joke but its actually good and it made me cry
Red Reaper Raven
I wish the Moist Version is available on mobile...
Lowrence Elyson