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About BAIKOH: Words & Brain Challenges

Sup human? I'm BAIKOH, a new and unique free word game, very different from what you are used to. I challenge your vocabulary and skill, try to write words by tapping tiles that randomly fall from the top of your screen, each tile has a letter so (hopefully)... you're getting the idea, genius.

Write words quickly and constantly to destroy tiles and keep them from reaching the top of your screen, or just use power-ups to make everything explode. That will work too.

The “get hyped” list:

• TOTALLY FREE WORD GAME! Yes, written in uppercase to grab your attention, you greedy human.

• ONLINE VERSUS MATCHES in real time. Make your friends suffer by writing words and sending them bombs, boulders, freezing tiles and more. The first one to reach the top loses the game!

• UNLOCK LOTS OF BADGES with the power to slash, ignite and blow up things.

• LEVEL UP! The better you get, the more your words will earn and the more you'll suffer.

• OBSESSIVELY CRAFTED WITH LOVE by my human pets: design, code, everything.

• Sarcastic humor.

• 100% candy-free app.

• No pay to play, no pay to win.


The storage permission is for storing cached ads on the SD memory card. The reasons are:

1. To save internal storage space and save data when not connected to WiFi.
2. More chances to watch rewarded ads (I confess this benefits me more than you).

NO, human, I don't want to spy on your files for embarrassing selfies or nudes. For more info about what I do with your data check my "Privacy Policy".

FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK! (That’s an order, human!)

I would really love to hear your suggestions and feedback... totally.



Seriously, did anyone actually read all of this?

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It's a good app 👍
Mems C
Good to reinforce the new words you have learned.
Ravi Teja