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About inbento

inbento is a food-themed puzzle game where you have to arrange lunches in bento boxes! Play with food, solve hand-crafted recipes and enjoy a cute story in this culinary brain-teaser from the creators of Golf Peaks!

** 1st place in The Big Indie Pitch @ PGA 2019 **

- 120+ puzzles and unique pattern-matching gameplay
- textless, heartwarming story about cats and parenthood
- inspired by Japanese aesthetics and bento cuisine
- 10+ Achievements
- absolutely no ads

** 1% of revenue from all copies of this game will be donated to the Animal Rescue Polska foundation **

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is inbento?

inbento is a food-themed puzzle game where players arrange lunches in bento boxes while solving hand-crafted recipes and enjoying a cute story.

How many puzzles are there in inbento?

inbento has over 120 puzzles with unique pattern-matching gameplay.

What is the story of inbento about?

The story of inbento is a textless, heartwarming tale about cats and parenthood.

What inspired the creation of inbento?

inbento was inspired by Japanese aesthetics and bento cuisine.

Are there any ads in inbento?

No, there are absolutely no ads in inbento.

Is there any charity work associated with inbento?

Yes, 1% of revenue from all copies of inbento will be donated to the Animal Rescue Polska foundation.

Where can I find more information about inbento?

You can find more information about inbento at and
Very fun. Only gripe is the difficulty curve. First half of the levels were far too easy, and around chapter 9 or 10 it starts getting difficult. Feels like a lot of levels were wasted on teaching mechanics.
Shiva Argula
Cute and simple
Nom ___3a
Pretty much a perfect little puzzle game - starts out very simple while teaching you the mechanics, but quickly gets challenging. Two minor suggestions to the dev: 1) The swipe length to change image panels ...
David Kramer
If you are into relaxing puzzles, you will love this game, and it will love you back. A gem made with love. Casual and cute with just the right amount of challenge. Every level is interesting.
Tomasz WesoĊ‚owski
Puzzling but utterly fun!
Sakura Fields
Love the cute graphics and especially the cats. The puzzles are fun too. However the last two levels are really challenging, would love to have a hint function of sorts.
Ian Lai