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About GORB

GORB is a physics based puzzle game, with simple mechanics.

Your goal is to remove all Red and Orange shapes from the screen, while ensuring that the Green shapes remain on screen. Follow along with the in-game tutorial to learn the simple rules.

Do you have what it takes to complete all 168 levels? Can you make it to the bonus level by collecting all the stars?

Try the demo before buying:


- 7 Worlds
- 168 levels
- Collectable Bonus Stars
- Simple and fun touch based game mechanics
- Interactive tutorial to help you learn the rules of the game
- Works great on tablet and phones
- Colorful characters, simple to play, fun for all ages
- No Ads, No in app purchases, No extra permissions required

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GORB is a Physics based puzzle game, with simple mechanics.Your goal is...

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simple but entertaining. if you like physics based puzzles this one is yours choice
Daniel Rolnik
This app is wonderful!
Phillip Skelton
Good freaking game!
Private Citizen
Got this because it was free. I thought it was going to be total pants if it they were giving it away. I was so wrong. It is a smile inducing delight, it is as charming as it is frustrating and I am hooked. ...
Christopher Hume
GORB is great fun! I love how the challenge level ramps up as you play, and everything is very clearly laid out, with tutorial levels built in as you go. This takes simple premise, designed very well to make...
Isaac Westwood
It's really fun and it does involve a lot of thinking that's what I love some of the levels are hard but that only makes it better my baby brother lives this game and asks me for help a lot
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