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About Chloe Puzzle Game

"This charming pixel art puzzle game features adorable visuals across 72 puzzles, with each puzzle boasting its own unique logic that will put players' wits to the test. Every puzzle features a new design where players have to get Chloe and Bunny safely to their Targets, and while things may seem simple at first, the game has a wide variety of difficulties that will keep players on their toes at every level." - PocketGamer

Each level looks simple and playful with one motive: to get Chloe and Bunny to their red Targets; but the puzzles in them are unique and have a set of varying difficulties. The puzzles challenge your strategy, sokoban skills, experimenting how mechanical toys work, tactical thinking, improvising and much more. The difficulty increases with the level number and each level comes with 1 hint. Got stuck? Take the hint, find your way to the Target!

The game is packed with smooth retro beautiful hand crafted pixel art animations and 72 unique puzzles. It's easy to understand and simple to play, but not so easy to solve. Your puzzle solving skills will be tested and the most important thing you will have the AHA! moment solving when each puzzle.

All miniatures! Chloe and Bunny, Arvi, Dummy, Buzzer, Kitty and the playful Toys! Explosive bombs, shotguns, flying balloons and much more! Explore their Toy world and meet the funny cast, have chat with more than 20 Toys.

Single player, dual character puzzle solving, play with Chloe and Bunny at the same time!

The beautiful Artwork is even better in black n white mode, hidden with one of the toys in the toy world, you gotta talk to "him" to get this ability ;)

Play single handed or both! Portrait and landscape orientations!

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Chloe Puzzle Game

Chloe Puzzle Game


"This charming pixel art puzzle game features adorable visuals across 72 puzzles,...




Help Chloe and Bunny reach their goals and win all the challenges...

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Chloe Puzzle Game?

Chloe Puzzle Game is a charming pixel art puzzle game featuring adorable visuals and 72 unique puzzles. The game challenges players' wits and strategy as they guide Chloe and Bunny to their targets.
Underrated puzzle. It's really fun and unique. Small size but a lot of content. I recommend this to puzzle lover.
Muhammad Surya Atmaja
Awesome game. 😍 ✨👏👏👏👏👏👏✨
Chris Lopez
Don't let the cutesy design fool you - this is a collection of tightly designed puzzles that may have you tearing your hair out. But such a good feeling when you get to the solution!
Jon South
I like these sort of puzzles. Very good
Paul Mathew
Love to support new developers, please don't stop the updates of the games, later I give my update about the game .
Jonathan Casillas