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About MazM: The Phantom of the Opera

An eerie love story at a majestic opera house!
A love story, causing quite the stir at the theater, with such tension surrounding it!
And the creepy cases will be revealed.
Play the game, to experience hidden stories at the opera house!

'MazM: The Phantom of the Opera is Team MazM's 3rd game, following 'MazM: Jekyll and Hyde'.

[Game Features]

A movie-like story game,
• MazM: 'The Phantom of the Opera' is a story game.
• Experience the story yourself as you wander around the opera house.
• You can play MazM's version of the story, based on the original novel, 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

A Vast collection of footnotes and trivia you can only collect with MazM
• Collect 'Footnotes' as you progress through the story, and clear achievements to earn special gifts!
• The more you play, the more you learn! With a total of 102 footnotes to collect.
Console-like game, in which you can check the ending
• Play the whole of chapter 1 for free!
• Afterwards, for a one time purchase you can then enjoy the whole game, just as you would in regular 'paid games.'
• You can play the game offline. (*You can't purchase or save offline.)
• You can experience the game, from beginning to end, by just watching ads. (*Extra episodes and illustrations must be purchased.)

[About MazM]
• MazM is a team that tries to reinterpret classic tales into fun games.
• We wish to deliver a moving experience to the players, as you would find from reading a great book, or watching a musical, or movie.
• MazM Fan-page:

[App Permission]
• You must allow this app permission to the below settings.
• Device photos/media/file access : Currently, the app does not access device photos or media, and it is only used to access game data.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is MazM: The Phantom of the Opera?

MazM: The Phantom of the Opera is a story game that follows a love story at an opera house while revealing creepy cases.

What are the game features?

The game features a movie-like story game experience, a vast collection of footnotes and trivia to collect, and a console-like game where you can check the ending. You can play the whole of chapter 1 for free and then purchase the whole game for a one-time fee, play offline, and experience the game from beginning to end by watching ads.

Who is MazM?

MazM is a team that reinterprets classic tales into fun games and aims to deliver a moving experience to the players, similar to reading a great book or watching a musical or movie.

What app permission does MazM require?

MazM requires permission to access device photos/media/file, but it is only used to access game data and does not currently access device photos or media.
I love the story. It's really good made and with passion and love towards the story. If you look at every detailed animation you will see that. And I really lost some silent tears during the last episodes. T...
Are you trying to drown me in my own tears? Because this is amazing, the graphics, sounds, and storyline. I can't stop crying 😭
Alethea Jasmine
So far I'm only at Chapter 1: Suspicious Voice so not a full review. However the game has been quite enjoyable as someone who only briefly knows about the book/movie. The art is lovely and I love that format...
Boop de luna
Maham Chaudhry
This is the most romantic game I have ever played.
Sivani Rajendran
This games so amazing!! I love the story, i must play another game from MazM !!! Congratsssss
Anneke Dewina