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Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors [Visual Novel] Screenshot 0
Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors [Visual Novel] Screenshot 1
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About Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors [Visual Novel]

Google Indie Game Festival Top10 winning Visual Novel!
Here comes a Visual Novel, filled with horror, youth, school and chat stories!
The full version is a completely complementary Visual Novel. (Required time to complete: About two hours)

It’s a completely unprecedented Visual Novel, made especially for smartphone users!

★It’s volume 3 of the very popular series! Full-length chat stories style interactive story game

★We recommend this game for those who…★
・like Visual Novel, but get tired of playing just regular ones
・love horror
・want to be moved
・love light novels, Manga, Anime
・love interactive story games and chat fiction
・want to kill time
・want to play for free

●The choice you make leads all the way to the ending of the game! It’s a “multiple choice horror Visual Novel”!
●It’s completely free to play more than a two hour scenario in the game!
●It’s easy to read with less ads
●It shows a list of all endings & allows you to skip to each section!

It’s a school horror mystery in the now-HOT-“Chat Stories”-format!
We will present a “real” story for your five senses with various tricks, which are available only with a smartphone.
What is the truth behind the “mystery”, which three characters will end up reaching…?


There was a secret forum managed by the newspaper club at a high school.
The “rumors” posted on the forum become “reality” and even “mysterious”…
What on earth are the “seven mysterious stories” posted on the forum…?

※Please note that there will be some grotesque, bloody and cruel descriptions in some endings.

■Akane “Gyaaaaaaaa! No waaaaaaaaaay!!”
 11th grade high school student. Belongs to the newspaper club. Cheerful, energetic but a little off.

■Yuuki “I might be able to do complex arithmetic…………”
 10th grade high school student. Belongs to the newspaper club. A little cowardly.

■Shino “… Why would you think I’m not worried?”
12th grade high school student. The newspaper club leader. Calm, cool and collected, and a dependable Senpai.

【for Android 5.1/6.0 users】
Our game works on WebView. If the game does not start, please update your WebView.

【New Release Info】
follow us on Twitter!

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I love the story and the mysteries!!hope you make another game like this
Mikasa Ackerman
Very nice
i am a weeb
It has a nice story and ending was kinda sad and relief but I was hoping that the parents would know the body but it's still great game.
Hackrman Portal
I want more! More chapters! More games like this one!!
SLY The 13th
I wish this was a short-animated movie. I got so emotional on the last part. Love BGM especially Flashback and No longer blooms. Sooooo good. 100% recommended.
Tha Ro
I wish this game has part 2 and I want more Shino-senpai