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About WitchSpring

Begin your 100 days RPG project with the cutest witch in the world.
It’s a classic RPG with no distractions. No in-app purchase or advertisements.

Choose her fate. Focus just on her training and make her the most powerful witch in the universe or follow through her whole story and make her the lord of the humans.

Train and rest at her home, mix spell ingredients and compose a powerful magic!
Wonder the universe, battle against the warriors and find spell ingredients!
Protect her at all costs against the warriors!

Homepage :

I finished the game in 1 try, but I seem to float at valveli village and can't talk nor go anywhere else unless I teleported home, please fix it Edit: FIXED! Thank you!
Black Pepper
For everyone who want to play witch spring, i really recommend you to play from the first one, the story is such a great one, so emotional with great music and had a deep meaning... sob.. :") I've been searc...
Nico Nico Niii
Amazing game. I played WS2 first and this game made so much sense now. I downloaded this couple years back and began to hardcore grind recently. A few very frustrating bugs that has to be fixed. 1) In the po...
Mark Neoneo