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About WitchSpring2

Supporting Language : English, Japanese, Chinese
FaceBook :

This is the story of Luna, the Moonlight Witch as she sets out into the world.

Witch Spring 2 is a story-based single-play simulation role playing game
that does not require any additional purchase within the game.

Collect items and pets outside while avoiding warriors,
Craft items and magic, and combine spells at home,
Train Luna by swimming, meditation,
and push-ups so she can survive on her own.

As the story carries on, Luna will meet new friends,
and depending on her achievements towards the end of the story,
the more fulfilling the ending will be.

Please help Luna as she sets out into the world!

*You need at least 450Mb of internal storage available on your device.
*App needs reading/writing access to external storage for game installation and launch.

HomePage :
FaceBook :
Contact : [email protected]

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Noticeable improvement from the previous game. Again, great story. Cleared a lot of misunderstanding on the story. Amazing game! Except for the minor bugs like being stuck in a place or unable to flee/move a...
Thomas Aditya
this game is amazing, the control is a bit uncomfortable but you will get used to it, there's a few bugs here and there but nothing serious. grinding in this game is really easy, i can get awfully strong bef...
Loved it❤️
Yams B.
Christian Benedict Tan
Hello love the game but from a recent update there seem to have a bug whenever I talk to an npc and cancel/close/deny the dialog it makes me stuck on that npc like it walks back into the npc I was talking to.
Bixel Blast Gaming
Pretty buggy but still deserve 5 stars
Ratio Hecate