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About Rest in Pieces

⭐️ Top10 at the Google Indie Showcase 2019! ⭐️

Please save all the poor souls that have been trapped in the dream demons porcelain nightmares.

Awake little Georgina from her evil clown dream, weaved of her worst fears. Help the drunken pirate Jack Parrot to vanquish the horrible sea monster Kraken. Save Father Lugosi from Count Draculas bloodthirsty fangs. Rest in Pieces includes many souls to save, and several frightening nightmares to wake up from.

‣ Kill bosses to awake
‣ Collect Gems and unlock new figurines
‣ Each figurine has unique characteristics
‣ Save all 21 souls
‣ Unlock 7 deadly nightmares

The objective is to swing fragile porcelain figurines through horrid nightmares without smashing into anything. It is easy to learn, but only the most skilled players will manage to save them all!

Rest In Pieces
Team Itatake


TouchArcade (Game of the Week)
The creepy soundtrack and the deep contrasts in lighting coupled with the almost angelic glow and shine of the porcelain figures is just too cool.

A distinctively flavoured horror-runner marked out by an intriguing swing mechanic.

USA Today
This is one game to play with headphones on and with the lights off.

It’ll smash to bits eventually, of course, but prolonging the inevitable is pretty amusing.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Rest in Pieces?

Rest in Pieces is a game where players save trapped souls from nightmares using fragile porcelain figurines.

How do you play Rest in Pieces?

Players swing the figurines through nightmares without hitting anything to save the souls.

How many souls do you need to save in Rest in Pieces?

There are 21 souls to save in the game.

Are there different nightmares to play in Rest in Pieces?

Yes, there are 7 deadly nightmares to unlock and play in the game.

What are the features of Rest in Pieces?

The game features boss battles, collecting gems to unlock new figurines, unique characteristics for each figurine, and an objective to save all the souls.

What do reviewers say about Rest in Pieces?

Reviewers describe the game as a horror-runner with an intriguing swing mechanic, a creepy soundtrack, distinct lighting, and a cool aesthetic with porcelain figures. They also recommend playing with headphones on and the lights off.
D_mn it's too hard I'm not even sure with this 5 stars lmao. I can't even finish the 2nd figurines' dream
I really love this game its so fun
Alejandra DLSRomero
Gets hard quick, but gives you abilities to help out as well. Fun original game!
Parsa Ghoreyshi
Great game Great creepy sound effect Great visual Chalanging game play Just downliad this
Dafoqq o'clock