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About Troll Face Quest: Video Games 2 - Tricky Puzzle

Put your brain to the test!

All new levels of mind-blowing meme fun have been unlocked.
Improve your detective skills and solve the most devious puzzles out there .

Join a crazy party full of meme lovers today!

The pranking team is back at it again with an all new trolling nightmare, Troll Face Quest: Video Games 2!

Spoof iconic computer games and prank the pants off all their characters.
Join an insanely hilarious party full of dank meme fans!

Get lost in a mad world of video game shenanigans and try to escape the crazy pranking trolls!

Are you the brainiest player of all time? Do you think our puzzles will click into place easily? If so, put your skills to the ultimate test! It's time to accept the challenge!

Get ready for a trolling adventure that’ll take you back to your most intense video game playing days. Troll an Italian plumber by stealing the wheels off his go-kart, prank entire cities overrun with theft, murder, and mayhem, and piss off birds for no good reason. Will you solve the crazy riddles and win a chicken dinner, or will you end up in the loony bin? It’s payback time for all those levels you didn’t complete.

Point and click your way to victory over the most annoying trolls you’ve ever encountered. But don’t expect it to be easy. You’ll have to strain your brain and outsmart the sneakiest of opponents during this mind-boggling journey.


TROLL famous video games!

DISCOVER brand new quests and adventures!

RACK your brain with this tricky and challenging clicker game!
EXPLORE 35+ hilarious levels of spoofing insanity!

TEST your skills in this quirky clicker game!

NO Wi-Fi needed!

Begin a funny trip filled with tricky computer game puzzles today!

Are you the one who can stop the trolling madness? Let's find out!

Test your mind. Master this crazy point and click adventure, and challenge your brain with puzzles that defy the laws of logic.

Think outside the box while you discover hilarious plot twists in the best spoof of computer games ever made.

Do you have the guts to prank your favorite childhood video game stars into oblivion? Are you a true meme enthusiast? It's time to find out!

Test yourself with this baffling puzzle adventure but watch out! It might make you go bonkers!

Did you manage to master the game? Don't be shy!

Share your experience with us. Join a party full of crazy meme fans today:


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Troll Face Quest: Video Games 2?

Troll Face Quest: Video Games 2 is a point and click adventure game that spoofs iconic computer games and pranks their characters.

How many levels are there in Troll Face Quest: Video Games 2?

There are over 35 hilarious levels of spoofing insanity to explore in Troll Face Quest: Video Games 2.
Carina Tranter
Great game
Danielle Bradley
Great to troll you
Alex Byrne
I love you
Armandoidhidu fernando Jrnxjh
So awsome
d34dl0k A
This is game happy
Emilou Badaguas