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About Luna Ravel - Interactive Story

Dive into Luna Ravel’s world and become an outstanding detective!
Step into the shoes of the famous private detective Luna Ravel in this brand new visual novel! Solve mysterious cases and experience romance with several characters from the story.

Luna Ravel is not a common detective, she has a power that makes people reveal their deepest secrets. It sounds like the best power a detective could ever wish for...but if it's used on the wrong person or at the wrong moment, it can lead our detective into real trouble!
Will you choose to use it wisely?
In this interactive story game, you will have a lot of choices to make in order to solve the case and unravel all the mysteries !

The mystery of the missing lake
As you unravel the very first mystery from this new universe, experience it through the eyes of our heroine, Luna Ravel who returns to the village of her youth as a private detective to solve the mystery of the missing lake.
The fishermen from the village are awfully concerned for their future. They are counting on you to reveal the culprit… Time to get investigating

As the case unfolds, you will bump into ex-lovers, and be forced to confront past demons.
Will you succeed in making the right choices?

Discover a range of wonderful characters who will help you with this case:
- Lily Rousseau: your faithful and cheerful trainee will always be by your side to help you solve the case!
- Peter Wilson: the very famous and handsome English detective who has come to the town to investigate on his own.
Beat him to it, reveal the culprit before he does, there is no time to flirt
- Oscar Gao: your old childhood crush who stayed in Fischbourg to become a fisherman. Will your love story together get a fresh start?
- Yasmine Zidi: an author who came to Fischbourg to write her latest novel. She came to Fischbourg to be inspired by the calm of the village, but she ends up using you to write a lesbian romance... How will you react to this?

It's up to you to lead the investigation and live your own romance! Dive into the fantastic and mysterious universe of Luna Ravel!

Luna Ravel: investigation and romance visual novel
Are you a fan of interactive story games, visual novels and otome? Then you will love Luna Ravel!
- fantastic cases, romance and superpowers
- lovestories
- enchanting scenery
- hand-drawn graphics
- a lot of endearing characters
- an inspiring heroine
- determinative choices: you choose your story

There is currently only one story for Luna Ravel, however new episodes, new investigation stories and much more are being created. The adventure with our heroine Luna has just begun!

About us
Nutnut is a French studio specialised in romantic and mysterious interactive stories. Known for the "Hey Love" game series and its love stories, Nutnut started a new project that should please Hey Love fans as well as visual novel lovers. Luna Ravel is an exciting new addition to the studio's catalog: rather than the romantic story being the focus of this game, the new game is a fascinating detective story full of mystery and fantasy with a touch of romance.

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Available languages: English and French
This detective game will be available in other languages as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Luna Ravel - Interactive Story?

Luna Ravel - Interactive Story is a brand new visual novel game where players step into the shoes of Luna Ravel, a famous private detective, and solve mysterious cases while experiencing romance with various characters.

What special power does Luna Ravel have?

Luna Ravel has the power to make people reveal their deepest secrets, which can be a valuable asset in her detective work.

What is the main mystery in the game?

The main mystery in the game is the case of the missing lake. Luna Ravel returns to her hometown as a private detective to solve this mystery, which is causing concern among the village fishermen.

Who are some of the characters in Luna Ravel?

Some of the characters in Luna Ravel include Lily Rousseau, Luna's faithful and cheerful trainee; Peter Wilson, a famous and handsome English detective; Oscar Gao, Luna's old childhood crush who became a fisherman; and Yasmine Zidi, an author who uses Luna to write a lesbian romance.

What features can be found in Luna Ravel?

Luna Ravel offers fantastic cases, romance, superpowers, enchanting scenery, hand-drawn graphics, endearing characters, and determinative choices where players can choose their own story.

Are there plans for new episodes and stories in Luna Ravel?

Yes, the studio is currently working on creating new episodes, new investigation stories, and more content for Luna Ravel. The adventure with Luna as the heroine has just begun.

What is Nutnut and their connection to Luna Ravel?

Nutnut is a French studio specialized in romantic and mysterious interactive stories. They are known for their "Hey Love" game series and love stories. Luna Ravel is their latest project, focusing on a detective story filled with mystery, fantasy, and romance.

In which languages is Luna Ravel available?

Luna Ravel is currently available in English and French, but the studio plans to make it available in other languages in the future.

Where can I find more information about Nutnut and their games?

You can follow Nutnut on Facebook and Instagram to discover exclusive information about their games. Additionally, if you have any questions or need help, you can visit their support page on their website.

What are the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Luna Ravel?

By downloading the application, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found on Nutnut's website.
I love this game so much.. The story is so great ackkkk.. I will rate this 5 stars cus its rlly great~ 😌💅
Zha Zha
I love ❤ this game. I wanna play more detective game like this and there no problem at all everything was totally fine. So rate this game 5 stars 🌟. Well done! (✿◠‿◠)
Its manvi Bee
This is literally the best story game i have ever seen i am surprised that there are no reviews and by the way can you plz make the messages free because some choices are really expensive plzz
This Game is amazing I love it!
Amanda Jeffrey
-Really interesting storyline -Beautiful characters -Easy to get diamonds -Easy to get new outfits A really nice game Thanks 💗
Htut Aung Myin Phantomohive
very nice art style!