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About Love Affairs : story game

Your Choice can lead you to every Ending!
Romance, Drama, Mystery, Thriller and More!

Love Affairs, romantic interactive story game with your choices, is now ★open★!

Multiple story games within one!

Discover different worlds in Love Affairs, and enjoy the interactive romance!

Make your choices and choose your story!

▶ About the game

Find all the stories with weekly chapter updates!
Collect the beautiful illustration cards when you finish the stories!
You can be a spy, a princess, a heroine and anything you want!

▶ Current Stories KEY-WORDS

① Undercover Romance
: spy, dangerous, secret, thriller, mission
Become a dangerous spy to accomplish the mission! What will you do if your date finds out all the secrets about you? Enjoy the love thriller in Love Affairs!

② Romantic Kingdom
: prince, mysterious, drama
Your faith completely changes since you bumped into a mysterious prince! Should you stop the noble prince from falling in love or let him love you?

③ Magical Touch
: fantasy, magic, warp, mature
The magical fantasy begins with your touch! Get closer with the boys in order to bring more strength. Be ready for love adventures in a magical world featured in Love Affairs!

④ Don't mix but shake
bartender, editor, love triangle, marriage
What would you do if your fiancé cheats on you just before your marriage? Join the love triangle with a charming bartender for your revenge!

⑤ My Policeman
first love, hometown, drama
You’re back in your hometown after so long and your first love suddenly confesses his love for you? Be the heroine of this heartbreaking drama!

⑥ Who is liar?
guardian, mysterious, fantasy
Somebody must be lying! Time to enjoy a love suspense happening around the mysterious guardian at your house! Don’t trust anyone even if it’s your lover.

⑦ Behind your back
GL, revenge, hollywood, first love
A cheating boyfriend, and a popular Hollywood actress hitting on you? Let’s begin the fatal revenge with your beautiful heroine!

and more stories every week!

▶ In game
You can customize your hair, outfits and character look!
And your partner’s look!

Customize your perfect look and perfect romance!
If it is needed, you must crush your enemies!

Enjoy the stories with your choices~

[Device permissions notice]
In order to use all features of the app, the following permissions are required.

[Optional permissions]
- Storage (Images, media, files): For saving the gallery illustrations

[Retracting permissions]
Settings > Apps > (App Name) > Notifications

Contact: [email protected]

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It's totally awesome!!!😍 Wonderful stories, Beautiful characters and scenes, wonderful graphics u get to spend less on tickets, there is also a chance for free tickets and daimonds, there are also more free...
Juliana Onuchukwu
Update please
Victoria Vaughan
I really love reading a novel. But a while a go I've lost an interest in reading some novel it's cool that your're making a choices for the protagonist.
RJ Talk
I LOVE THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEEN PLAYING FOR DAYS AND HOURS AND THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHH FOR HAVING THE '' WATCH AN AD AND GE...
Diana Munhazu
I must say though the characters skin colors are a bit off. Ty for the gifts. 1/5/2022 I'm finding that some of the stories feel a bit rushed. Specifically Magical Touch. It would help to have some sort of s...
Curly Gee
Downloaded it just cause it was from Lucy Dream and am not disappointed yet. The artwork is great, and there are ways to get the in-game currency. The story I'm on rn has got me hooked. There are a few adver...