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About My Lovey : Choose your otome story

With "My Lovey", you will be able to enjoy various types of romantic visual novels for free.
In addition to a wide range of genres including slice of life, school life, fantasy, thrillers, we will continue to release many romantic works with charming characters.

The Extraordinary × Locked Metropolis × Supernatural Powers

Youths possessing strange powers have been locked away by the government in a closed city. Brought there because of her powers, the protagonist has lived alone up until now...

A story of meeting mysterious strangers from old Edo and the bittersweet summer that followed.

Strangers wearing clothes straight out of an old period drama suddenly appear in the heroine's father's antique shop. As she begins to know them better, our suspicious heroine's heart gradually opens.

Will you follow your destiny, or your fate as a Shinobi?

The protagonist's life is one day endangered by a mysterious masked group, and she soon learns of the enemy's evil plot. In order to protect her comrades and village, she decides to disguise herself as a man to enter the enemy territory.

◆陰陽師平安回顧録 Onmyoji Heian memoirs
I've got to become stronger than everybody else! Set in the Heian milieu, in an age teeming with vengeful spirits, who are you fated to fall in love with---!?

We find ourselves in Japan during the Heian era. Our heroine seeks strength rather than to be an elegant lady, making her stick out like a sore thumb. She chances upon a gentleman who's all the rage in court, and begins to discover what destiny has in store for her----!

◆EPHEMERAL-Miniature Garden-
This is a story of a mermaid, who reign over the world of darkness.

The main character had been living a comfortable life, but is one day charged for a crime she did not commit. She was brought to a secluded miniature garden that was intended for a specific race.

◆Time to love!
Moving to Tokyo, the room you've rented turned out to be a luxurious one story house in Shirokanedai!?

Spending time with your attractive share-mates, who will you end up with——?

※The story is slightly different from the app "Time to love! ◆ SHARE-HOUSE in Shirokanedai", and will allow you to experience some new scenarios.

◆Secret Crush
I always thought it was a hopeless romance――

◆On the Q.T.
A hidden dream, undisclosed desires.

◆About the App
①Supporting up to 9 languages
Stories are translated into 9 languages (Japanese, English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Korean).
Enjoy the stories in various languages!

②Read all stories for free
You will need "Keys" to read the stories, but they will be refilled after a certain time. For those of you who would like to read the stories in their entirety, "Keys" may also be purchased. Enjoy our content with the method you prefer.

③Special choices
You will encounter premium choices as you go forward in the story.
Who knows? If you use the "Rubies" and choose the premium choices, you might get closer to your love interest...!
Enjoy romance through heart-racing storylines.

④Beautiful card collection
You can collect beautiful cards for the character of your choice. These cards can be exchanged with "Gold"and "Rubies".
Try to collect them all!

◆Recommended users
・Users who want to play free games
・Users who have an interest in Japanese content
・Users who like Japanese comics and anime
・Users who want to enjoy various genres
・Users who want to fall in love with an attractive male
・Users who want to read an exciting and sweet story
・Users who want to play games in their spare time


◆About the provider
HuneX's vision is to "provide inspiration and dreams to people", and to deliver entertainment around the globe.

Best known works
・Arcana Famiglia
・Steam Prison

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It's good but...the gems are a little too overpriced especially for the episodes to be really long it's a little too overpriced maybe the gems could be "5 gems" instead of every choice being "10-20" gems whi...
Mikoto Misaka
I loved it!
Tiffany Rodriguez
Is so cool
Fabiola Calderón
Good stories
Carolyn Crider
Olive it so much I love all kept doing it ill support ❤️❤️
angel abigael Escanuela
I love this game😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭But it takes 1 hour to load😭
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