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About Detective S : Mystery game & Find the differences

“P, Please. You know how important this case is to S.”

'S' lost one and only family in a button murder case.

There was only one reason she became a detective, to solve that case.
Investigate the crime scene with S and arrest the criminal!
Find the evidence in the crime scene that differences in the scenes, and try to guess the criminal with the information you have acquired!

“Detective S,” the guessing game using Find the Differences
Escape from the cliché!

S became a detective to avenge his father "R".
He was a police killed by a serial killer 10 years ago.
In the end, neither could the police uncover the case.
"S" feels the incompetence of the police.

S became a famous detective later, and while she was investigating on a case, she discovers a “wooden button” with a snake carved on it that looked like what was found in R's belongings.
S hears unexpected news while investigating on a case centered on the “wooden button,” a clue that she discovered in five years.

For five years, 'tree buttons' still remain in many places in unsolved murders...
Mr. S goes out with the police to find the escaped criminal.

※ Features of the game
Escape from the cliché!

▶ The crime scene of the case expressed by the differences
Let's get into the police line! He's already escaped!
From the crime scene to the belongings of the suspects
Find the differences between up and down crime scenes and collect evidence!

▶ A variety of characters, mystery stories that make you sweat with excitement
Let's understand various character relationships through webtoons.
Relationship with the victim through the ongoing conversation with the characters,
Let's get information about the evidence in the crime scene!
Discover the secret hidden ion the cases through interrogations!

▶ I am the true detective! Arrest system
This is no ordinary game of Find the Differences~
One of the four suspects is the criminal!
Find the murderer's murder weapon and the evidence that symbolizes the resentment among the evidence acquired from the picture game and arrest the criminal by matching them with the suspects!

▶ The truth of the case solved by webtoons!
The whole story of the event, which is shown in webtoons by chapter!
A webtoon that unfolds the beginning to the progress of the case appears every chapter!
Make your story more vivid! Have fun with playing the game!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why did S become a detective?

S became a detective to solve a button murder case and avenge the death of their family.

What is the objective of the game Detective S: Mystery game & Find the differences?

The objective of the game is to investigate crime scenes, find evidence, and guess the criminal based on the differences in the scenes.

What is the significance of the "wooden button" in the game?

The "wooden button" is a clue that S discovered and is related to the unsolved murders and the death of S's father.

How can players collect evidence in the game?

Players can collect evidence by finding the differences between the crime scenes and the belongings of the suspects.

How does the game incorporate webtoons?

The game incorporates webtoons to provide character relationships, ongoing conversations, and information about the evidence in the crime scenes. It also unfolds the story of the case through webtoons.

How does the arrest system work in the game?

In the game, players need to find the murderer's murder weapon and evidence of resentment. They then need to match them with the suspects to arrest the criminal.

How does the game aim to escape from clichés?

The game aims to escape from clichés by providing a unique approach to crime-solving through finding differences, incorporating webtoons, and offering a variety of characters and mystery stories.
So cute and fun!
Pow Bang Crash
i really like the story
Ern Myra
The puzzles are just nice in difficulty not too easy nor unbeatable without hints its really fun to find the differences. Worth supporting the dev to buy a few chapters or watch ads to progress.
Yue Kin Leong
I really like this game and especially with the new update, I can get diamonds for free and keep playing new levels! The visuals are gorgeous, the gameplay is unique & intuitive, and the story also seems int...
Shravya Mahesh
this is so fun! and looks so cool too
Lee Snowie