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About Movie Merge - Hollywood World

Movie Merge is one of the most exciting merge games you have ever seen!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a producer and making your own movie? Now it's possible!

In this outstanding game you will have a chance to experience the whole process of making a film - from hiring and preparing actors to making a filming scenes. Create your own production studio making the greatest hits! :)

Become a real Hollywood tycoon.


🔧 Merge - combine parts into a useful tools needed for your video production - makeup, costumes and appearance of your actors, parts of your scene and others. Solve all the puzzles. 🔧

🔥 Outstanding 3D graphics - enjoy colorful, bright and elaborated world of movie production. Create the best clips. Feel yourself in Hollywood! 🔥

🎁Customization - only you decide how your film will look like in a cinema. Try different looks for actors and decorations for the scenes to be caught with your camera. Tere is no limits for your creativity, you are the director! 🎁

🕹️Simple gameplay - plain and catchy mechanics will sure make you engaged for quite a while. You will never find yourself idle. 🕹️

❤️Storyline - on your way you will meet lots of interesting characters with their own stories to tell. Some of them will help you and some... You will see. :)

Movie Merge is a unique game providing you with unforgettable experience. Discover Hollywood merge magic and enjoy an amazing and entertaining merge game!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Movie Merge?

Movie Merge is an exciting merge game that allows you to experience the process of making a film and become a Hollywood tycoon.

What are the features of Movie Merge?

Movie Merge features merging parts to create tools for video production, outstanding 3D graphics, customization options for your film, simple gameplay, and an engaging storyline with interesting characters.

How can I play Movie Merge?

Movie Merge has plain and catchy gameplay mechanics that will keep you engaged. Merge parts, solve puzzles, and create the best film clips.

Can I customize my film in Movie Merge?

Yes, you have the freedom to customize your film's look in Movie Merge. Try different looks for actors and decorations for the scenes to capture with your camera.

What kind of experience does Movie Merge provide?

Movie Merge offers a unique and unforgettable experience. It combines merge game mechanics with the excitement of Hollywood film production. Enjoy the merge magic and have fun playing this entertaining game.
this game is awesome
Pamela Johnson
love it
Sheelah McBride
Love it.
zap in flap egido
its a fun game
Sierra Cundiff
Loved it till it froze, and now won't do anything. Please fix. Thank you
Pixie N
Melanie Fowler