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About Mergington Town

Travel on an adventure to the big islands to discover the lost lands, build your dream town, make friends with heroes of different professions, and unite all areas of this fantastic world.

Now, it has become even easier to build your city. Just merge the identical objects and see how fast your city is growing. It is not so difficult to build a gigantic skyscraper anymore.

Matching and combining 3 or more items causes the evolution of each of them. Merge population buildings so that they become higher, and your city develops.

Find the best ways to match and merge various pieces to erect the biggest factories and collect the most fruitful plants!

Combining a puzzle game with a city builder game, Merginton Town is a relaxing and addictive new free game that will give you unforgettable gameplay.

Disperse the fog and get down to business. Fantastic adventures are ahead!
The game features:

• Harvest various crops and later process them at your factories!
• Unlock friendly heroes with individual characters!
• Mine various resources to build!
• Discover new land and clearing areas for the construction site!
• Complete tasks and get treasures
• Drag objects and organize your game board so that your city looks perfect
• Journey and unlock new island

Download now, and design your city of dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mergington Town?

Mergington Town is a game where players travel to big islands, build their dream town, make friends with heroes, and unite different areas of the world.

How do I build my city in Mergington Town?

Just merge identical objects to see your city grow faster. Merge population buildings to make them higher and develop your city.

How can I evolve items in the game?

By matching and combining 3 or more items, each of them will evolve. Merge various pieces to build the biggest factories and collect fruitful plants.

What is the gameplay like in Mergington Town?

Mergington Town is a relaxing and addictive game that combines puzzle and city builder elements. It offers unforgettable gameplay.

What features are available in the game?

The game features harvesting crops, processing them at factories, unlocking friendly heroes, mining resources, discovering new land, completing tasks, and organizing your game board.

Can I unlock new islands in Mergington Town?

Yes, by journeying through the game, you can unlock new islands to explore and expand your city.

Where can I download Mergington Town?

You can download Mergington Town now and design your city of dreams.
Love it It fun can't stop playing
jolany velasquez
This 🎮game. is fun to play the 🎮game. I 💕love TI so much to play this 🎮game. I in joy playing the 🎮game. so so so much
Nancy Vasquez
Really fun but the game froze and stops at 55% and won't load!!! Need to fix it!!!
Tifini Jolley
This game is soo fun. I love it! 👍
Colleen Bullock
No comments!
Quang Nguyen
Cool game.
Novella Burgee