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About Grand Hotel Mania

Open hotels with the best team!

People all over the world need to get away, and they want to have fun. They travel for business or pleasure, and they want to take a break from the daily grind or do something fancy. It's up to you to build the most comfortable hotels for them!

Manage Monica and Ted and help them ensure your guests' complete satisfaction. Upgrade every hotel - make them more comfortable, interesting, and attractive. You'll get love and recognition from all the peoples of the world!

You'll need to react quickly to your customers' requests, set priorities, and serve everyone in a timely fashion. Time's up - there are no more requests.

Is it a win? You did great - let's keep going! Couldn't get it on the first time? You can try again and use boosters that make the level easier.
Will your adventure begin in a cozy American hotel, and where will the story lead? Let's find out!

• Open hotels!

Travel around the world, discover new places, and meet fascinating guests.

• Hurry up!

Get into the time-management groove! React to your guests' whims in a timely way, set priorities, and delight your customers.

• Get best room service!

Every hotel should have delicious food. Cook dishes for your guests: pasta, delicious coffee, green tea, pizza, sushi - whatever they want!

• Get likes!

Your guests will express their gratitude by giving you likes. The more quickly you fill an order, the more recognition and love you'll get!

• Upgrade!

You can upgrade your stations - get coins and gems for completing levels and spend them on hotel upgrades.

• Use boosters!

They don't just help you complete levels - they're fun too! Launch fireworks into the sky - make your guests jump for joy!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Grand Hotel Mania?

Grand Hotel Mania is a game where players open hotels and manage them to ensure guests' satisfaction.

What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to upgrade the hotels, react quickly to customer requests, serve everyone in a timely fashion, and receive love and recognition from guests around the world.

How can I earn likes in the game?

You can earn likes from guests by quickly filling their orders and providing excellent service.

Can I upgrade the hotels in the game?

Yes, you can upgrade your hotels by earning coins and gems through completing levels, and then spending them on hotel upgrades.

Are there any boosters in the game?

Yes, there are boosters available in the game that can help you complete levels and add fun elements, such as launching fireworks into the sky.

Is there a time-management aspect in the game?

Yes, the game involves time-management where players need to react to guests' requests in a timely manner and set priorities.

Can I travel to different places in the game?

Yes, you can travel around the world, discover new places, and meet fascinating guests in the game.

Are there different food options available in the game?

Yes, you can cook a variety of dishes for your guests, including pasta, coffee, green tea, pizza, sushi, and more.

Can I retry a level if I couldn't complete it on the first try?

Yes, if you couldn't complete a level, you can try again and also use boosters to make the level easier.

How can I win in the game?

To win in the game, you need to successfully manage the hotels, fulfill guests' requests, earn likes, and upgrade your facilities.
you need to put this on apple store great game
The Gangstaz
Cool game some challenging levels. Ads (30sec) are available to help collect gems & boost waiting time for upgrades. I hope a new hotel opens soon.
Leticia Kete
Love, cant wait to unlock more hotels
Sherrie Chilly
When is the new level opening ive been waiting for weeks...
Sarah Cable
Good game but ive finished all available levels. Wondering when new levels will be available to play?
Jenna Martin
I love it... but I need an update more hotels to work with... otherwise I'm finished
Ashleigh Smith