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About Hotel Crush

Hotel game. Hotel Management. Hotel Story.

Build a dream hotel with Hotel Crush! And become a great manager in this free and exciting hotel time-management game.

Welcome to the sweet city in this hotel game, where you can find a talented manager and a passionate chef who also works as a door man. You can now do it as a manager and get through challenges in your favorite games. Choose rooms for your guests, cook and serve delicious meals in this crazy game all around the world. Are you good at time-management games like this? Can you join and win in events and challenges? Can you become a world-class manager? This is the game you should play to improve all your skills!
Try your hand at managing the largest hotel chain, ready to provide the best services to every guest!

This hotel simulator has several unique features:
• Gameplay is fascinating as you develop your hotel!
• Stunning graphics show your hotel in all its glory!
• Regular updates that feature new dream hotels!
• Numerous events for you to participate in and receive attractive rewards!
• A unique gaming experience that only great hotel games can give!

This hotel business game has great graphics that can win over any player's heart. Hotel Crush's hotels are designed with passion, which is why this hotel story is so fascinating. You'll meet interesting characters, like your assistants David and Lily. They will do everything to help you manage the hotel! Charming Lily will greet guests with a smile, while hard-working David will make sure everyone's taken care of.

Hotel Crush is a fascinating testament to the beautiful love story of Lily and David. David fell in love with her at the first sight when he saw her. Then he decided to pursue Lily. He has proven his sincerity by working hard. Together with her, they build and manage the hotel to grow bigger and stronger, and expand the hotel chain all over the world. Finally, he won her heart. The two have a wonderful love story that everyone wishes for.

Build a dream hotel with Hotel Crush! This hotel simulator can be a bit challenging, but it's always worth it. This idle game features a lot of boosts to help you become a hotel empire tycoon. They will make the game more interesting and engaging!

Enjoy every feature of this hotel game!

Hotel Crush is a time-management game in which you have to serve all your guests on time! Just like in the real world, it will help you become a hotel master who can organize priorities properly. Manage your assistants and draw more guests to be a hotel tycoon. Manage time and resources right, and everyone will be happy!

Add a variety of delicacies in this hotel simulator because cooking is important to satisfy your hungry guests. David is a great chef who can make any dish: pasta, fried chicken, sushi and anything the guest desires!

Travel around the world to develop your hotel chain! The hotels in each country have unique features and themes. Travelers from all over the world are eager to enjoy your luxury service, so there's no time to be an idle hotel tycoon!

Download Hotel Crush to become a hotel manager. It's a great idle game that brings you joy at every level. This time-management game will give the feeling of mastering the world!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hotel Crush?

Hotel Crush is a hotel management game where players can build and manage their dream hotels.

What are the unique features of Hotel Crush?

Hotel Crush has stunning graphics, regular updates with new dream hotels, numerous events with attractive rewards, and a unique gaming experience.

Who are the main characters in Hotel Crush?

The main characters are David and Lily, who assist players in managing the hotel.

What is the storyline of Hotel Crush?

Hotel Crush tells a beautiful love story between Lily and David where they work together to build and manage hotels around the world.

Is Hotel Crush a challenging game?

Yes, Hotel Crush can be challenging, but it offers a lot of boosts to help players become hotel empire tycoons.

What is the gameplay of Hotel Crush?

In Hotel Crush, players need to serve their guests on time and manage their assistants to attract more guests and become successful hotel tycoons.

Can players travel around the world in Hotel Crush?

Yes, players can travel to different countries in Hotel Crush to develop their hotel chain and cater to travelers from all over the world.

Can players cook in Hotel Crush?

Yes, cooking is an important aspect of Hotel Crush as players need to add a variety of delicacies to satisfy their hungry guests.

How can players download Hotel Crush?

Players can download Hotel Crush to become a hotel manager and experience the joy of mastering the world in this time-management game.
A very nice game👍 Super addictive😁 but just that it takes alot of time to load Then also i tried downloading new hotels but to no avail so please try improving it😿🙏🙏🙌
Goody Nosa
I love this game better then hotel frenzy
Shirley Bien-Aime
I'm having fun playing the game it's fun
Ackerley Reed
Great game
Komal Jain
Awesome Game 😂
Rosemary Goodman
Alvetta Coley