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About Valley: Cooking Games & Design

A new restaurant cooking games & design games 🍳 where cooking madness is real. Cool story, design home, decor, play as a rising chef in a crazy cooking city called 'The Valley'. 🍀

Be a crazy chef 👩‍🍳 in the new cooking game. It has a heartwarming story of Emma, an underdog chef, beating the world’s greatest chef Edger Drake. Meanwhile, she’s reviving the city in a restaurant game. 🍽

Feel the cooking fever in the new restaurant design games and decorating games.

Main Gameplay: Restaurant Cooking Game 🥪
Meta Gameplay: Design and Renovating games. Renovate restaurants and design your character. Also, design your character and clothing. 👗

Henry Van Loon was a great chef. He made ‘Valley’ the culinary capital of the world.

But after his demise, Van Loon Restaurants and Valley town are not doing well. Now, it’s up to Emma! Can she restore the past glory of her family and town?

Crazy Chef from all over the world come here to work and learn from the world’s greatest chef Henry Van Loon. Cooking Valley is one of the best cooking games for adults.
Valley is a crazy cooking city with fever where you can explore the cuisines and food dishes of the world and design home 🏡 and decorate city without puzzles 🏘. So, basically it also provides the home design games and decorating games experience.

Cook and serve American, French, Japanese, Indian, Chinese food. You can have seafood at Peaky pirates and Tasty BBQ at Pool side BBQ restaurant.

New Cooking Game Features:

🍔 Story: Help Emma to renovate, decor and revive her restaurants and also help her reclaim her family’s past glory.
🍔 Renovate Restaurant and City Decorating: You decide how your restaurant and city will look like. Choose your style!
🍔 Fun ‘Boosters’ to make this time-management of new cooking games more enjoyable.
🍔 Exciting and Fast paced cooking games with levels. Have a cooking fever and serve recipes around the world!
🍔 Cook and serve hundreds of regional recipes in your variety of restaurants in the Valley.
🍔 Every restaurant will have some new mechanics to satisfy your inner madness for cooking and be a crazy chef!
🍔 You can design your character in your own fashion style.

Make Emma beautiful in your style! 👚
It's a decorating games without puzzles, so just design home & city, design your character and have fun with it.

Game is free to play but you can choose to buy character skins and boosters. So, in nutshell it’s a free cooking games burger. Also, in the cooking games pizza 🍕 and desserts 🍰 are available for chef to cook.

In short, Cooking Valley is one of the best new cooking games with gameplay for design, decor and renovation of your restaurants. Design home games, renovate restaurant games and decorate games.

As Emma Van Loon, open new restaurants, cook delicious food, design restaurant games. Also, Design your character. 🍀

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Valley: Cooking Games & Design?

Valley: Cooking Games & Design is a new cooking game where players can experience cooking madness in a city called "The Valley". It also offers design and decorating games for renovating restaurants and designing characters.

What is the main gameplay in Valley: Cooking Games & Design?

The main gameplay involves cooking and running a restaurant. Players can cook various cuisines from around the world and serve them to customers. They can also renovate their restaurants and design their characters and clothing.

Who was Henry Van Loon?

Henry Van Loon was a renowned chef who made "Valley" the culinary capital of the world. However, after his death, the restaurants and town have fallen into decline.

What is the goal of the game for Emma?

The goal of the game for Emma is to restore the past glory of her family and the town. Players help her renovate and revive the restaurants, reclaiming their former greatness.

What are the features of the new cooking game?

The features of the new cooking game include a captivating story, restaurant and city renovation and decoration, fun boosters to enhance the gameplay, exciting and fast-paced cooking levels, a variety of regional recipes to cook, unique mechanics for each restaurant, and the ability to design your character.

Is Valley: Cooking Games & Design a free game?

Yes, Valley: Cooking Games & Design is free to play. However, players have the option to purchase character skins and boosters.

What cuisines can be cooked in the game?

Players can cook and serve American, French, Japanese, Indian, and Chinese food. There are also seafood dishes at Peaky pirates and tasty BBQ at the Pool side BBQ restaurant.

Can players design and decorate their own homes and cities in the game?

Yes, players can design and decorate their own homes and cities in the game. They have the freedom to choose their preferred style.
Cause this game the best game ever
Lemau Nguyen
Fun ! Just started playing!
Divina Garcia
The game is good so far
bhageerathi n
Great and fun
Jessica Del Orbe
This game is so much fun y'all I highly recommend to download it!!
Shabnam Memon
This game is so much fun
Coressa Forbes