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About Cafeland - World Kitchen

Design your cafe world and join cooking with Chef Eva's restaurant game! Write your own restaurant story in Cafeland today, Chef! Master your cooking and design your 5 star cafe to be the top chef in the world! Run your own restaurant and get carried away in a cooking fever! Home cooked meals and fresh coffee are waiting for the customers. Just say “I’ll decorate my cafe and I’ll also add a lovely garden!” and your cafe will thrive! FROM A SNACK BAR TO A WORLD FAMOUS CAFE!

Decorate and design the place of your dreams in this cafe game! Cook tasty food to keep your customers happy - From the creators who brought you Cafeland, it’s a fun-tastic new cooking game!

In Cafeland, you have dozens of different dishes; desserts, appetizers, fast food and many more which make this the perfect kitchen game! Not to mention that there are hundreds of shiny new items to decorate your place. Are you ready to be the owner of your cafe business? Then start your restaurant game in Cafeland because this place is for you, chef!


* Serve dishes from different cuisines.
* Cook on multiple stoves and serve a variety of meals.
* Unlock new recipes and grow your menu.
* Fill your counters with plates of yummy dishes to please your customers.
* Choose from a variety of food categories.
* Make the best burger in chef town.
* Deliver quality seafood.
* Spread the dough for a crispy pizza.
* Bake a moist chocolate cake.
* Prepare a zesty stew.
* Bake, boil, fry or saute; every dish will come out as perfect!


* Choose from hundreds of fancy decorations.
* Build special items to boost your income.
* Cover your walls and the floor with only one click!
* Open up a deli.
* Design a hip bistro.
* Manage a seafood restaurant.
* Own a fancy venue.
* Entertain VIPs at a celebrity lounge.
* Become the owner of luxury dining.
* Take over the city!
* Design and decorate a world famous cafe!


* Invite celebrities to your place from all around the world.
* Prepare your cafe to host them.
* Get good remarks and win mystery gifts!


* Race against time to prepare catering orders.
* Fill catering boxes with different categories of food.
* Deliver gourmet meals for special customers.
* Get help from your friends!
* Earn money and great prizes for finishing catering orders!


* Become the master of this cafe world!
* Listen to your customers and find out about the good and the bad.
* Keep the place clean.
* Expand to have more room!
* Increase your capacity.
* Fill those vending machines!
* Decorate to your heart's desire!
* And make it fun for everyone!


* Visit your friends and help them out.
* Send mystery gifts to each other.
* Ask for help in your catering business.
* Join the community and meet new chefs!


* Meet the Cafeland crew and let them guide you along the way.
* Complete the tasks hand in hand with Eva!
* Let Katie help you out with supervisor tasks.
* Ask for Chris when there is an item to build.
* Join Grandpa Tony in trying out his new recipes!

Facing issues while playing Cafeland or have suggestions/feedback? We would love to hear from you!
Use the Contact button in settings while you are in the game or e-mail us at: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I design my own cafe in Cafeland?

You can design your own cafe in Cafeland by choosing from hundreds of fancy decorations and building special items to boost your income.

What kind of food can I cook in Cafeland?

In Cafeland, you can cook a variety of dishes from different cuisines such as desserts, appetizers, fast food, and many more.

Can I invite celebrities to my cafe in Cafeland?

Yes, you can invite celebrities from all around the world to your cafe in Cafeland. Just prepare your cafe to host them and earn good remarks to win mystery gifts.

How can I expand my cafe in Cafeland?

To expand your cafe in Cafeland, you can increase your capacity, fill vending machines, and decorate to your heart's desire.

Is there a community in Cafeland where I can meet other chefs?

Yes, you can join the community in Cafeland and meet new chefs. You can also visit your friends, help them out, and send mystery gifts to each other.

How can I contact the support team of Cafeland if I have issues or suggestions?

You can use the Contact button in settings while you are in the game or email us at [email protected] to reach our support team.
This game is so addicting! I love playing this game most especially in times like this - quarantine.
Steph Pauleen Tan
I loved it!!
Sophie Lee
I enjoy this game and I leveled up so fast since there's Enhance Community Quarantine in our country and I play this on my spare time after I finish my chores. Amazing cooking game so far. Hoping for more im...
Thessa Codinera
I love this game so much !!!! I just wish that mittens can be purchased too plssssss
Crisanta Alvarez
The game is so addictive 🥰 I really enjoyed it.
colleen pecho
Amazing game always keep me up!
ralph Gutierrez