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About Cooking City: crazy chef’ s restaurant game

The most addictive time management cooking game! 🍟Join in fever of cooking, enjoy the food craze, tap as fast as you can and enjoy this fast-paced gameplay with strategy and simulation fun! 🍳

Cook yummy food, open your restaurant, be the best chef of kitchen and travel around world!

Prepare, cook, and serve tasty meals from all over the world! Dash from classical coffee to Chinese restaurant, baking sweet cakes and grill yummy burgers. Challenge cooking in the kitchen and lead a cooking empire! 🏰

👩‍🍳 Open Restaurant Anytime, Anywhere
- No internet needed after the initial install!
- Enjoy time-management game play in your pocket anytime!
- Cook offline fun, open your kitchen anywhere you like!
- Build your cooking empire in this Free Kitchen Game!

🍟 Cook 200+ Tasty Food
- Hundreds of delicious ingredients to cook for meals.
- Burgers, waffles, chips and pizza...Cook dishes what you have never seen before.
- Upgrade ingredients to manage top cooking restaurants!
- Master all kinds of dishes, hungry customers grow with each city!

🎯 300+ Levels with Unique Goals
- Fantasy strategy meets fast-paced game!
- Time-management meets fun challenge cooking limits!
- Cook up rewarding combos, earning big bonuses!
- Endless fun with new levels and cities constantly updated!

⏰ Use Powerful Boosts
- Complete special cooking goals with magic boosts.
- Make food never overcooked with special pans!
- Increase earnings with Double Sales, Fresh ingredients are always inviting!
- Powerful boosts feat star chefs skill and dash.

🍴 Master Massive Kitchen Appliances
- 8+ theme restaurants with unique appliances for cook.
- Espresso machine or pizza oven, star chefs can always master them perfectly!
- Manage time efficiently with kitchen appliances upgrades.
- Better appliances helps cook food fast to win timed levels.

📲📲📲 Download Cooking City for free. Enjoy the fun new kitchen game!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Cooking City: crazy chef's restaurant game?

Cooking City is an addictive time management cooking game where players can cook delicious food, open their own restaurant, and become the best chef in the kitchen. They can also travel around the world and experience different cuisines.

Can I play Cooking City offline?

Yes, you can play Cooking City offline. Once you have installed the game, you do not need an internet connection to enjoy the time-management gameplay. You can also open your kitchen anywhere you like.

How many tasty food can I cook in Cooking City?

Cooking City offers over 200 tasty food options for you to cook. There are hundreds of delicious ingredients to choose from, such as burgers, waffles, chips, and pizza. You can even upgrade the ingredients to manage top cooking restaurants.

How many levels are there in Cooking City?

Cooking City has over 300 levels with unique goals. The game combines fantasy strategy with fast-paced gameplay. You can challenge yourself with time-management tasks and cook up rewarding combos to earn big bonuses. The game is constantly updated with new levels and cities.

Are there any power boosts in Cooking City?

Yes, Cooking City offers powerful boosts that can help you complete special cooking goals. There are magic boosts that can prevent food from being overcooked, special pans that enhance your cooking skills, and double sales boosts that increase your earnings. Power boosts are essential to becoming a star chef in the game.

How many kitchen appliances are available in Cooking City?

There are over 8 theme restaurants in Cooking City, each with unique appliances for you to master. Whether it's an espresso machine or a pizza oven, star chefs can efficiently manage their time by upgrading their kitchen appliances. Better appliances allow you to cook food faster and win timed levels.

Where can I download Cooking City?

You can download Cooking City for free from your app store. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. Simply search for "Cooking City" and enjoy the fun new kitchen game.

How can I stay updated with the latest news and updates about Cooking City?

You can stay updated by liking the official Cooking City Facebook page. Simply visit and click the "Like" button. You can also contact the developers of Cooking City by sending an email to [email protected].
Great..very exciting.
Melvin Fuentevilla
Super super
brenda lo palisoc
Love It! I just wish that the money made in one world would carry to the next! I don't see why not when I played enough to earn the coins!!! 😡
Michele Venery
Henrietta Hatten
Very fun game
Francois Jeanty
Chandni Dhimmar