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About Family Island™ - Farm game adventure

What would your life be without modern technology on the deserted island? Dive into simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family in this thrilling adventure game. Stranded on the remote island, a family of four - Bruce, Eva and their kids - needs your guidance and help starting a new family home from scratch and navigating through various family life situations with humor.

After their previous city had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption, help this family build a thriving town, all while looking for a way to reconnect with their lost family and beloved tribe. In this farm game, their world might seem ancient and alien without modern day technology, yet their daily family life and relationships are very relatable in today’s world.

Family Island™ is a farm game full of unexpected twists and captivating adventure!


★ Enjoy your adventure to the Stone Age era! Get creative and start farming, using cool ancient technologies
★ In this farm game, you can unleash your inner explorer and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands
★ Start your own family farm on the deserted island! Grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters
★ Customize your farm with beautiful decorations
★ Get to know the family better and guide them through exciting quests and life stories in this island game


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Family Island™?

Family Island™ is a thrilling adventure game where players help a family build a new home on a deserted island.

Who are the main characters in the game?

The main characters in the game are Bruce, Eva, and their kids - a family of four.

What happened to their previous city?

Their previous city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal of the game is to help the family build a thriving town on the island and reconnect with their lost family and tribe.

What can players do in the game?

Players can farm, explore new islands, customize their farm, grow crops, craft goods, and complete quests.

Can players trade with other characters in the game?

Yes, players can trade their crafted goods with other characters.

Can players decorate their farm?

Yes, players can customize and decorate their farm with beautiful decorations.

How can players get updates about the game?

Players can subscribe to Family Island™ social channels, such as Facebook, to stay informed about upcoming updates.
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More surprise
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Wonderful experience
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This game is just amazing.....I was searching about...such us games .... honestly I really like your games especially this one and my coffe shop recipes and stories.... thanks for making this wonderful games...
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Gud game..interesting
Abhishek Gupta