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About Family Zoo: The Story

Meet Family Zoo – a place to restore, build, and design as you see fit! Join the game and solve fun Match-3 puzzles to save the popular animal park from destruction! Cute animals, each with their own unique story, need a family and new home! Prove to be the best Family Zoo keeper! Hundreds of unique and addictive Match-3 levels are waiting for you in Family Zoo! Download Family Zoo game, an adorable story driven adventure with fun Match-3 puzzles and custom design for you to choose!

Become a Zoo tycoon

One of the joys of visiting a zoo is seeing the wild animals living in harmony. But what you’ll discover when playing Family Zoo, a cool family game for all animal lovers, is that it takes a lot of work to make such a spectacular animal park. Family Zoo is a zoo builder and management game, where you have a chance to become a zoo tycoon! Design the landscape of your zoo, pick the right plants and decorations, research new animals, hire staff, and keep your guests happy. Family Zoo is also a fun Match 3 puzzle game where you solve Match 3 puzzle levels by matching fruits and blasting berries.

Live the story

Help Charlotte restore and design the Zoo that she’s inherited from her family. Restore the Zoo to make it the main attraction of the town. Entertaining Zoo management tasks and Zoo simulation quests will guide you along in the flourishing Zoo and introduce adorable characters. Make the Zoo comfortable for animals and more popular among visitors! Become the best Zookeeper and make your family proud of what you've accomplished!

Solve Match-3 puzzles

Embark on a wild Zoo journey and experience the Match 3 adventure! Family Zoo is a completely free Match-3 game. Just swipe and crush to unlock your next puzzle, match, and collect juicy fruits. This will help you earn materials to build your own zoo. Become a puzzle-solving master in this sweet and fruity Match 3 puzzle game! Relaxing puzzles and enjoyable challenges await!

Decorate Family Zoo

Do you like home builder, home decorator, and house designer games? Your newest quest is to build the Zoo! Family Zoo is a virtual Zoo simulator where you can build, customize, and decorate a fantastic home for wild animals, adorable pets, and other cute creatures! Decorate the animal habitats and surrounding gardens! Start this construction mania by making your Zoo big, cozy, and popular! Your Zoo management skills will be tested with the renovations you make!

Take care of animals

Collect legendary animal species, breed them, and create happy Zoo family. Giraffes, bears, penguins, monkeys, elephants, hippos, crocodiles - you'll meet all of them in Family Zoo! Help all animals in the Zoo live happy lives: give them fun toys, teach them new tricks, and keep their enclosures clean and safe. All pets need comfortable living conditions under your care! Experience the colorful Zoo tycoon sensation and run your own Zoo!

Keep visitors happy

Create the dream Zoo and open it to visitors! Apart from happy animals, the Zoo needs content customers. Construct drink stands, ice cream kiosks, popcorn stalls, candy stores, coffee shops, and build cozy cafes to attract more people to the Zoo! As a Zoo tycoon, start increasing your income and developing your business empire.

● Switch between Match-3 levels and building the zoo
● Hundreds of Match-3 and Blast puzzles
● Decorate the Zoo to make it unique
● Interact with exotic animals
● Add attractions to draw visitors
● Make friends

Your very own Family Zoo has just opened its doors for you! Manage your Zoo park properly and achieve the ultimate goal of a Zoo full of happy animals and visitors! This Zoo sim lets you rescue animals and create a successful theme park! Match three and more fruits to create special fruits blast! Connect four and more fruits for the ultimate fruits crush effect! Build Family Zoo, play with cute animals, and solve Match-3 puzzles - all in one game!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Family Zoo: The Story about?

Family Zoo: The Story is a game where you restore, build, and design a zoo by solving fun Match-3 puzzles. You also have the opportunity to become a zoo tycoon and manage the operations of the zoo.

How can I become a zoo tycoon in Family Zoo?

In Family Zoo, you can become a zoo tycoon by designing the landscape of your zoo, selecting the right plants and decorations, researching new animals, hiring staff, and keeping your guests happy.

Can I live the story in Family Zoo?

Yes, in Family Zoo, you can help the main character, Charlotte, restore and design the zoo she has inherited from her family. You can make the zoo the main attraction of the town and complete entertaining zoo management tasks and simulation quests.

Are there Match-3 puzzles in Family Zoo?

Yes, Family Zoo features Match-3 puzzles that you can solve to earn materials for building your zoo. Just swipe and crush to unlock the next puzzle and collect juicy fruits.

Can I decorate my zoo in Family Zoo?

Absolutely! Family Zoo allows you to build, customize, and decorate your zoo. You can decorate the animal habitats and surrounding gardens to create a fantastic home for the wild animals.

What animals can I take care of in Family Zoo?

In Family Zoo, you can collect and take care of legendary animal species such as giraffes, bears, penguins, monkeys, elephants, hippos, and crocodiles. You can give them toys, teach them tricks, and ensure their living conditions are comfortable and safe.

How can I keep visitors happy in Family Zoo?

To keep visitors happy, you can add attractions to your zoo such as drink stands, ice cream kiosks, popcorn stalls, candy stores, and coffee shops. By providing various amenities, you can attract more people to visit your zoo.

What are the features of Family Zoo?

The features of Family Zoo include switching between Match-3 levels and building the zoo, hundreds of Match-3 and Blast puzzles, the ability to decorate the zoo, interact with exotic animals, add attractions to draw visitors, and the opportunity to make friends within the game.

How can I achieve the ultimate goal in Family Zoo?

The ultimate goal in Family Zoo is to manage your zoo park properly and create a zoo full of happy animals and visitors. By rescuing animals, solving Match-3 puzzles, and developing your business empire, you can achieve this goal.
Great and very much fun. The animals are so cute and very much better than wildscapes. Great work .
Debdas Dutta
Its an perfect game l love this game very much💖💖❤💘 This is an very nice game
Archana Toravi
shasmanizam mohamad shah
Radha Radha
I haven't played this game yet but it looks sooooo amazing ok I am going to play it now ok wow this game is sooooooo fun I love the cute animals my fav part is ...... Every thing OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG sooo...
Erick S
Still downloading
David Hayes