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About Merge Seatopia : Mermaid

Explore the sea, look for elves, use your magic to heal contaminated land. Merge and design your undersea garden, and the mysterious ocean journey is about to begin! Merge Seatopia:Mermaid will take you into an unusual marine world.

Merge Seatopia:Mermaid is a Wonder Garden under the mysterious sea. For a long time, there have been many lovely elves living in an Undersea Wonder Garden. But because of pollution, the sea here is no longer as peaceful and beautiful as before. The elves living in the garden also lost their homes. With your arrival, there is new hope in the sea here. Merge and rebuild the Undersea Wonder Garden with the elves!

-Seatopia Features-
Protect the Sea
Complete tasks, rescue the elves. Help them merge items and lead them to rebuild their homes together.

-Gather Elves-
Discover brand new elves, that lived in the Undersea Wonder Garden. Merge them, and after 4 growth stages, they will eventually become loyal honest guards for your Wonder Garden.
Hatch Elf Eggs and merge elves, they will work for you in your Wonder Garden, and gather items for you.

-Merge Items-
Hundreds of items are waiting for you to drag and merge, create mighty combinations to unlock items for upgrading. Restore the deep-sea world while merging all the content. Make your game world exactly as you wish. Create powerful combinations, unlock new upgrade items, merge new things, and fill up your Undersea Wonder Garden eventually!

-Daily Challenge-
Open Chests, collect Coins, and merge Gems, finish tasks of protect sea to gain Daily Reward.
New tasks are always waiting for a response to your challenge.

-Design Wonder Garden-
Rescue the sea, heal the land to restore and take back the elf home.
Collect elf eggs, hatch them in the garden,merge to upgrade, then use strength to restore the former beauty of our homeland.

Download now and discover where Merge Seatopia:Mermaid with your families and friends.
Merge Seatopia:Mermaid will bring you more fantasy experience, and travel with us in the beautiful undersea world.

All suggestions and questions related to the game can be contacted through official channels.
G-mail: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Merge Seatopia:Mermaid?

Merge Seatopia:Mermaid is a game where players explore the sea, look for elves, use magic to heal contaminated land, and merge and design their own undersea garden.

What is the objective of Merge Seatopia:Mermaid?

The objective of Merge Seatopia:Mermaid is to protect the sea, complete tasks, rescue elves, and merge items to rebuild the Undersea Wonder Garden with the elves. Players can also gather new elves, merge items, and design their own Wonder Garden. There are also daily challenges with rewards.