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About Dragon Island: Mergecraft

Eggs, plants, stones, chests, dragons, buildings... Almost everything can be merged in Dragon Island: Mergecraft! Discover magical objects to match and merge, hatch powerful dragons to help you build your camp, complete challenging quests to win abundant rewards!

However, the vast island is enveloped by the evil fog now. What happened to this island? Where are those dragons who used to live here? Why did the mysterious treasure collection disappear? Did the legendary dragon warrior really exist in the world?

Secrets of the dragon island are still waiting to be discovered. Merge to create wonders, fight off the fog, heal the cursed land, form your own dragon team, restore and take back the dragon island eventually!


- Match Objects -
• Explore hundreds of magical objects to match, merge and interact with!
• Freely drag and match at least three of a kind to evolve them. See what surprising combinations you can make!
• Match the Healing Heart and tap it to release power to heal the cursed land

- Collect New Dragons -
• Discover different kinds of dragons, and evolve them through 4 growth levels for advanced dragons!
• Hatch dragons who will wander the map and harvest useful items for you.
• Collect dragons, form your dragon team, pass different trials to win abundant rewards! Lead your dragon team to create a new world!

- Build Your Camp -
• The evil fog has enveloped the camp.Get rid of the fog, heal the land, unlock new areas, restore and take back the dragon island!
• Collect various creatures, treasures and buildings to build your camp and unlock pictures of the gallery.

- Challenging Trials, Quests and Puzzles-
• Defeat the guard dragons in each trial. Deploy your dragons, win the battle and complete the trial to win rewards!
• Over 100 quests await you. Test your puzzle solving skills to complete quests and win precious rewards!

Download Dragon Island: Mergecraft now for free! Wander in the magical world!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can be merged in Dragon Island: Mergecraft?

Almost everything can be merged in Dragon Island: Mergecraft, including eggs, plants, stones, chests, dragons, and buildings.

What is the objective of Dragon Island: Mergecraft?

The objective of Dragon Island: Mergecraft is to match and merge magical objects, hatch powerful dragons, complete quests, and restore the cursed land of the dragon island.

What happened to the dragon island?

The dragon island is enveloped by evil fog. The reasons behind this are yet to be discovered.

Where are the dragons that used to live on the island?

The whereabouts of the dragons that used to live on the island are currently unknown.

What happened to the mysterious treasure collection?

The mysterious treasure collection has disappeared from the dragon island, and the reasons for its disappearance remain unknown.

Did the legendary dragon warrior really exist?

The existence of the legendary dragon warrior is a mystery that awaits discovery within the world of Dragon Island: Mergecraft.

What features does Dragon Island: Mergecraft offer?

Dragon Island: Mergecraft offers the following features: matching and merging objects, collecting and evolving dragons, building your camp, completing challenging trials, quests, and puzzles.

How can I heal the cursed land in Dragon Island: Mergecraft?

By matching the Healing Heart and tapping it, you can release its power to heal the cursed land on the dragon island.

How can I collect new dragons in Dragon Island: Mergecraft?

You can discover different kinds of dragons on the island, and by hatching them, they will wander the map and harvest useful items for you. You can also evolve the dragons through 4 growth levels.

How can I progress in Dragon Island: Mergecraft?

To progress in Dragon Island: Mergecraft, you need to defeat guard dragons in trials, complete quests, solve puzzles, and unlock new areas by getting rid of the evil fog.

Where can I download Dragon Island: Mergecraft?

You can download Dragon Island: Mergecraft for free from the provided links: