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About Solitaire Dragons

Solitaire Dragons is a fantastic solitaire card game for you with a marvelous Dragon theme. Based on the solitaire card games, it is true to the spirit of classic solitaire game (also known as Patience or Klondike) and it will help you to train your brain.

Solitaire Dragons will take you to the magical world of the medieval island. You could play with the witch to go on adventures and encounter various kinds of dragons in the world of sword and magic. What’s more, you could create your paradise by collecting dozens of dragons there, for instance, torridity, foliage, aster, lava dragon, obsidian dragon, etc. It is not merely a solitaire game that makes your brain smart and active, however also a challenge for you to know more about the dragon and get along well with them in the game. Come with the witch and try the FREE solitaire game NOW!

Based on the classic solitaire game (also known as Patience or Klondike), we've added a CREATIVE dragon world with different Medieval Creatures for you.

Whenever you get a new dragon egg, you don't know what the dragon inside is. Let the witch use magic to speed up hatching. Get more kinds of dragons from dragon eggs!

Put your hatched dragons into the Dragon Island and let them grow up naturally, they will provide you with magic to purify the lifeless habitat, so you can decorate the Dragon Island more beautifully!

Together with Daily Challenges, there are over tens of thousands of classic solitaire challenges for you to play anytime and anywhere!

Please send your feedback by email to
[email protected]

If you enjoy playing Patience or Klondike solitaire games, it is inevitably the GREAT classic solitaire games for you on mobile devices! You can train your brain and share with it friends and family members! And if you also like dragons, don't hesitate to download and play this classic solitaire game NOW!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Solitaire Dragons?

Solitaire Dragons is a solitaire card game with a Dragon theme that helps train your brain.

What can I do in Solitaire Dragons?

In Solitaire Dragons, you can play with a witch, go on adventures, encounter different kinds of dragons, and collect them to create your paradise.

What makes Solitaire Dragons unique?

Solitaire Dragons is unique because it combines the classic solitaire game with a creative dragon world and unexpected surprises in dragon eggs.

Can I customize the game?

Yes, you can put your hatched dragons into the Dragon Island and decorate it as you like.

How many challenges are there in Solitaire Dragons?

There are over tens of thousands of classic solitaire challenges, including daily challenges, for you to play anytime and anywhere.

How can I contact support for Solitaire Dragons?

You can send your feedback by email to [email protected].

Is Solitaire Dragons available on mobile devices?

Yes, Solitaire Dragons is available on mobile devices, making it convenient to play and share with friends and family.
Adorable idea!!
Susan Miska
Very colorful. The animation is simply beautiful colorful and I love the dragons movements.the game is very very enjoyable wonderful for me to play. I just love it. Thank so much.
Elaine Walls
Great game,keep trying for more dragons....awesome game
Dorothy Kulig
Relaxing and fun.
Sue Rickman
Was really enjoying but no new dragon eggs for over two days so will try you again at a later date. Was extremely enjoyable.
Jill Redd
I really like it so far, lots of fun!
Diane Goodman