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About Solitaire: Pet Story

Solitaire: Pet Story is a fun and relaxing card game filled with makeovers and pets. Solitaire: Pet Story is a coming-of-age take on traditional tripeaks solitaire! ♥ ♠ ♦ ♣ 🐶 🐱 🐷

Put your solitaire skills to use and to the test, and assist various characters, pets, and their accompanying spaces in this episodic adventure with upgrades and renovations. Complete various Solitaire levels of varying difficulty, and spend Stars and Tokens to upgrade the in-game elements of your choosing. Level up to go on new journeys and write your own story.

Key Features:

🂱 Growth and Progress themes that challenge game users to progress through episodic and level obstacles - each episode features a new client, pet, and space

🂲 Expression themes that include makeover and renovation elements

🂳 Players will gain a sense of completion and achievement by tackling stimulating Solitaire puzzles and earning achievements

🂴 Standard in-game currency called “Stars” - these are earned when Solitaire levels are completed. The player can then cash in a Star on tasks

🂵 Premium in-game currency called “Tokens” - these are also earned from successful completion of Solitaire levels and also through special Events, Sponsorship, and the Daily Reward - Tokens are also available for redemption through in-app purchases (IAPs) and can be used to power up and boost within a Solitaire level!

🂶 Complete tasks and days within various scenes as you progress in your episode journey

🂷 Level up to unlock new sponsors and new locations!

🂹 Interconnectivity where a user can either link their Facebook account or Apple Play account to never lose in-game progress

Featured Levels and Characters/Pets:
New episodes will continue to be added, but today the game features:

Level 1: Dorm/First Apartment - consulting for Emma and her dog Daisy
🐶Emma just graduated from college - as she gets started with her first career moment in social media help her redesign her apartment to feature her dog and other animals/pets in this mainstreet San Francisco, CA-based episode

Level 2: Cooking - with an appearance from Erik and his cat Julia
🐱Help Erik, a busy chef, build and design his dream kitchen for him and his cat in this episode placed in Los Angeles, CA

Level 3: Writing - starring Emily and her cat Hemingway
😸Design the dream writers lounge for Emily as she and her cat begin a writing adventure in their new home located in Las Vegas, NV

Level 4: Painting - featuring Phoebe and her pig Jeph
🐷Mentor this artist on design elements to transform her studio apartment into the next best art studio as she and her pig try and make it big in Vancouver, BC

If you’re a player who enjoys classic card games like mahjong, pyramid, klondike solitaire, and puzzle games, take your crack at mastering the makeover through Solitaire: Pet Story!

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I gavevyou 5 stars but i havnt played this game yet so im hoping me giveing you a 5 star was worth it
Greg Bester
Loving this wonderful card game and rebuild game. Keep more levels coming.
louise starling
So good
Jeanette Sharpston