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About Treepeaks - A Classic Tripeaks Solitaire Adventure

TreePeaks! The popular Tripeaks Solitaire card game - but much more cute!

Our beaver friend just moved into a new dam. Beavers are excellent builders, but they sure need help decorating. These critters are no expert home designers! Strangely enough, they are expert tripeaks solitaire players.
Solve the tripeaks solitaire adventure and earn furniture and decoration items for the beaver dam. Clean, renovate and build!

TreePeaks is a solitaire adventure card game played with a standard deck of cards. Cards are placed on table and in the deck below them. Only the top row of cards is face up and just one card from deck is revealed. The goal of this game is to move all cards from the table to the deck. However there is one simple rule: only cards with one symbol higher or one lower will fit on the deck card! If no matching cards on the table, you simply draw another card from the deck.

Enjoy tripeaks solitaire free offline!

Download TreePeaks Solitaire and take on the challenge:

★ Many Levels! Tripeaks challenges added with every update
★ Boosters will help you on your way
★ All-new challenging gameplay features: Locked Cards, Spiderwebs and more to unlock on your journey.
★ Renovate, clean, build and decorate you own dam
★ Match different items and create a unique interior
★ Unlock over 40 different decorations and furniture items
★ Solitaire tropics, snow lands, jungles and who knows where else you’ll end up. Unlock new exclusive levels in the event maps!
★ Login everyday and collect daily rewards
★ Solve exciting TriPeaks layouts
★ HD graphics - uniquely designed tripeaks cards
★ Beautiful sounds - the best among card games
★ Play offline too

Ready to build? Download the TreePeaks tripeak card game now!

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Wciągająca. Przyjemnie się gra :)
Paula Woszczyńska
Shawn Baumgartner
Great game!
Krzysztof Niewolewski
Having a lot of fun playing this tri-peaks game! It's on another level compared to similar card games out there. I'm a big fan of tri-peaks games, and this is my new favorite. Great work! Highly recommend!