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About Solitairica

Solitairica takes RPG combat and challenging rogue-like progression to a fresh new place—the world of solitaire!

Gather your weapons and prepare to battle the armies of Stuck. In the land of Myriodd, all of the hearts have been stolen by the horrible Emperor Stuck, and you are the latest warrior brave enough to try to return them, saving the world from total heartless destruction!

With the guidance of the great Kismet who will teach you the power of solitaire and the four great energies—attack, defense, agility and willpower—to battle your enemies... you could finally be the one to save the realm.

Each player’s journey will be a unique challenge, with a horde of ever-changing enemies and a wide variety of items and spells to explore. Battle your enemies with brute force, or cleverly constructed builds with devastating combos, and defeat the Armies of Stuck!

Key Features:
- Introducing a brand new turn based solitaire combat system.
- Procedural enemies that combine hilarious and dangerous traits for endless variety.
- Heaps of items and scores of spells to combine. Millions of builds to try!
- Challenging and dynamic rogue-like progression.
- Four great energies to master: attack (destroy cards), defense (counter and armor), agility (peeking and quickness) and willpower (healing and the arcane).
- Collect wildstone each journey to upgrade cards and unlock new decks, which change the way you play.
- Deck upgrades include Ace, King and Queen cards which provide powerful boosts during battle.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Solitairica?

Solitairica is a game that combines RPG combat and rogue-like progression with solitaire gameplay.

What is the objective of Solitairica?

The objective of Solitairica is to battle the armies of Stuck and return the stolen hearts in order to save the world from destruction.

What are the four great energies in Solitairica?

The four great energies in Solitairica are attack, defense, agility, and willpower. They can be used to battle enemies and have different abilities.

What is the combat system in Solitairica?

Solitairica introduces a turn-based solitaire combat system where players use cards strategically to defeat their enemies.

Are there different types of enemies in Solitairica?

Yes, Solitairica features procedural enemies that have different traits, creating endless variety in gameplay.

Can players customize their gameplay in Solitairica?

Yes, players can explore a wide variety of items and spells, allowing them to create different builds and strategies to defeat their enemies.

Is the game progression in Solitairica challenging?

Yes, Solitairica has a challenging and dynamic rogue-like progression, offering a unique and constantly changing experience for each player.

How can players upgrade their cards in Solitairica?

Players can collect wildstone during each journey to upgrade their cards and unlock new decks, which can change the way they play the game.

What are the deck upgrades in Solitairica?

Deck upgrades in Solitairica include Ace, King, and Queen cards, which provide powerful boosts during battles.

Is Solitairica available on multiple platforms?

The platform availability of Solitairica may vary. Please check the specific platform for more information.
Best offline game
Lisa Ives Thurston
Awesome game
Atreyu Callahan
I literally cannot stop playing this game! It's so addictive and fun. In my honest opinion, this is the best mobile game ever, bar none.
Amazing game!
A Google user
This is hands down the best new card gamr I've ever played. Highly highly recommend. The game play is simple but very dynamic allowing you to customize your style of playing. I'll be playing this for a long ...
Unique and challenging. Have had this game for a few years and never get tired of it.
Alan Tyler