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About CUE Cards TCG

Ever wondered who would come out on top if a wombat battled it out against Marie Curie?

What about a baboon versus a triceratops?

The Empire State Building vs the Milky Way? (not the chocolate bar, that would be silly)

Then look no further!

Cards, the Universe and Everything (CUE) is a card-collecting and battling game that features a bit of everything from across our universe!

It’s an entertaining romp designed to scratch your curiosity itch: a cornucopia of miscellany and mash-up, featuring lions, meteorology, pi, satellites, the Bayeux Tapestry, Napoleon, the Sphinx, black holes, Shakespeare, ducks, volcanoes, dolphins, string theory and much more.

** Knowledge is power! You’ll need curiosity, skill and top tactics when competing against others across the globe as you battle it out in the CUE arenas.

** Multidimensional cards. Collect a wide range of unique and fascinating CUE cards with digestible facts, general knowledge and trivia on almost any subject; science, space, palaeontology, history and many more!

** Friends and Foes. Build game decks and challenge your friends in multiplayer to battle it out in CUE arenas!

** Trade. Connect with your friends and trade cards in a safe environment.

** So. Much. Free. Stuff. Collect multiple FREE rewards every day to build your CUE card collection!

** Crafting. Fuse your duplicates together to create awesome and powerful new cards!

Much like our universe, the CUEniverse continues to expand over time adding more and more CUE Cards daily across culture, science, technology, engineering, maths and general knowledge.

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Great game, love the variety of cards, easy to get gems and tokens. Definitly an amazing game cant wait for additional card releases
Eric Moogerfeld
Kyle Collins
Good for the whole family. Not hard to get cards and trading is fun.
Jessica Roth