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About Evolution Board Game

Now with unlimited free multiplayer during the quarantine, completely Ad Free! Try before you buy. Inspired by the award winning board game with more than 1.6 million players, Evolution has arrived on Android! Adapt and survive in a beautiful environment enhanced by incredible art and thoughtful, balanced mechanics.


"#1 Digital Board Game of 2019" -Ars Technica

"Best Mobile Strategy Game of 2019" -Pocket Gamer

"Best Digital Board Game of 2019" -Vulture

""A powerhouse game poised to steal the thunder of some of the most popular games on the app store"" -Touch Arcade

""This game is brilliant""- Dice Tower

In the game Evolution, you adapt your species to survive, and stay one step ahead of opponents.

-Watering hole running dry? Evolve a long neck to reach food in the trees.
-Staring down a Carnivore? Develop a hard shell to fend off an attack.
-Evolve up the food chain to become a the most successful species.

Welcome to the official world of Evolution Board Game! Evolution is Free-to-Try. Powerful creatures are about to evolve. The battle for survival is going to break out. Annihilate your opponents in an evolution duel!

Create and develop animals and creatures to fight in a constantly changing ecosystem. Attack the enemy beasts in this strategy game with role cards! Play God with apex species in this online multiplayer mobile board game! An epic world awaits you in Evolution!

Inspired by the action board game of North Star Games, Evolution is all about natural selection and fighting for survival in nature. Evolve your creatures to be stronger than your enemies and win all of the battles in this board game to survive!

Enjoy a balanced game where your strategy will decide victory or defeat. Each game is an epic struggle for survival in the evolution board game!

Will you be a carnivore or an herbivore? In the changing ecosystem, you must find out what strategy your opponents are following.

Explore the island of Evolution in a single player campaign and discover the various apex creatures. Unlock new species as you move through the campaign. Strategically unlock new creatures with your deck of cards, and duel wits with distinct AI opponents.

Evolution offers a variety of cards to interact with each other, allowing a huge variety of strategies using your 17-card deck. In this board game:

- Learn while you play tutorial
- Single player campaign: Enjoy an individual adventure and play duels against the AI in nature.
- Multiplayer Games: Prove you are the best biologist in the world!
- Strategic Game: Be a science geek and lan your strategy, use the most suitable Traits for the battle, evolve your creatures and become victorious with your apex animal!
- Incredible Combat Mechanics: Prepare your senses for the fastest and most frenetic battles in evolution!
- User-friendly interface and fast animations!

Evolution is based on the board game and created for intense strategic action battles. Create new animals and creatures! Get the Apex of Evolution!

We'll match you up with players of similar skill in online multiplayer. Make friends, be an ally, and set up private games online, or qualify for tournaments. Reach victory in the tournament and take advantage of your evolution strategy skills!

It's not about the cards you get. It's about how you play them to win. The complete set of cards is included in the base game; you do not need to buy anything else. Thousands of creature combinations evolve from 17 cards with unique characteristics, which means that no two decks are the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Evolution Board Game?

Evolution Board Game is a digital adaptation of the award-winning board game where players adapt their species to survive and stay ahead of opponents.

Is there a multiplayer option in Evolution Board Game?

Yes, Evolution Board Game offers unlimited free multiplayer during the quarantine, allowing players to compete against each other online.

Are there any reviews available for Evolution Board Game?

Yes, according to Ars Technica, Evolution Board Game is the "#1 Digital Board Game of 2019." It has also been recognized as the "Best Mobile Strategy Game of 2019" by Pocket Gamer and the "Best Digital Board Game of 2019" by Vulture.

What is the objective of Evolution Board Game?

The objective of Evolution Board Game is to adapt your species through natural selection and survive in a changing ecosystem. Players evolve their creatures to become stronger than their opponents.

Can I play Evolution Board Game for free?

Yes, Evolution Board Game is Free-to-Try, allowing players to try the game before making a purchase. The game also offers unlimited free multiplayer during the quarantine.

What features are available in Evolution Board Game?

Evolution Board Game offers a single player campaign, multiplayer games, strategic gameplay, and incredible combat mechanics. Players can unlock new species, use special science cards, and create unique creature combinations.

Is Evolution Board Game available for online multiplayer?

Yes, Evolution Board Game provides an online multiplayer environment where players can compete against opponents of similar skill. Players can also make friends, set up private games, and participate in tournaments.

Do I need to purchase additional cards for Evolution Board Game?

No, the complete set of cards is included in the base game of Evolution Board Game. Players do not need to buy anything else, and each deck of cards offers thousands of unique creature combinations.
Great game! Educational AND fun! What more could you ask for?!
Joshua Gouge
Brilliant game. Enjoying it so much. Can only improve with more expansion pack, but I'm sure it will only get better.
Erum Husain
Ace game. Loved the board game.. the app has been great alternative during lockdown. Is it possible to randomise AI opponents in local games, rather than thinking about what species I prefer to play against?
James Harriss
This is a great analytical game. The developers are always in contact as well. Its really challengung and fun.
Harrison b
This game is new, and is really fun. There are some lagging issues, and a couple of other things, but the Devs are always updating it, so it's cool. The extra cards are cool, would there ever be a chance to ...
Ecclesyus B
Amazing game. Smart, challenging, and educational. Have the board game too.
Daniel Bunt