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About Rise of Dragons

[Game Introduction]
Ride a dragon and destroy all in your path!
“Rise of Dragons” is a real-time 3D strategy game with a visually stunning medieval fantasy theme. Incubate and hatch dragons, build up your floating islands and use them to defeat the islands of your enemies with fire and magic! Form legendary guilds, plan attack and defense strategies with your squad mates, and compete together with other guilds globally in intense battle matches for generous rewards.

[Game Features]
- Realistic 3D Dragon Combat Experience
Control various dragons in combat to destroy the islands of your enemies with fire and magic!
- Hundreds of Dragon Species
You can hatch, raise and collect hundreds of different dragons and add them to your army!
- Incubate & Train Your Dragons to Gain Great Power
Unique dragon hatchery and breeding system; use different types of incubators to hatch the most wanted eggs!
- Build an Indestructible Defense Fortress
Build and equip your island fortress with the tactically best combination of crossbows, catapults and turrets to repel and counter any attacks by your enemies.
- Form a Guild with other Dragon Riders
Form legendary guilds to interact with your teammates in real time, and jointly plan attack and defense strategies against other guilds/players.

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[Game Introduction]Ride a dragon and destroy all in your path!“Rise of Dragons”...

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Edward Santiago
I love this game but now the testing is over now I can't play I miss playing this game please let us play.
Bobby Chambers
Alot like war dragons which im very seasoned in howerver the detail is very very good! And in game looks amazing, cant wait for full realease of the game as closed beta has just ended! Glad i got to be apart...
Mr jawa brown
I love dragon games
Ronnie Harris
Great game and love the concept of the game. Can't wait for the actual game to be released.
gabe ohara