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About WarriorVille

In medieval Europe, feudalism prevailed. Emperors, kings, dukes, and nobles divided different territories and established their own rules. This was called 'the darkest age'.
However, it is in this darkness that the seeds of advanced civilization are bred.
In such an era of both opportunities and challenges, as a manor lord, how would you decide? To follow the trend of history, or to be eliminated by the times?

-Being a medieval kingdom, you have a thousand acres of the manor to build. 100+ kinds of architecture waiting for you to unlock!
-Arranging the necessities of the residents, revitalizing the economy such as agriculture, industry, and animal husbandry. Learning advanced technology.
-Slowly, you will expand your power. Make the surrounding small countries surrender to you and enjoy their taxes and supplies.

-View your guild orders often! You can get gold coins and rare materials when you complete them.
-Your residents need to eat and sleep just like you. Arranging their work and rest can increase your output.
-City roads are very important! Pay attention to the movements of workers and make the city layout more reasonable.

-Covering well-known historical figures: Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and Louis XIV...
-Collect heroes and unlock all family trees. Help your heroes find quality and suitable successors.

-Various Gameplays: Imperial Expedition, Arena, and Fortune War...Let you experience the real ancient war.
-Win with Strategies: Different heroes are also equipped with different troops. The combination of heroes and troops can trigger buffs.

-In the beginning, your city had only a small population. In order to survive, you need to settle your villagers down. Allocate houses to them, let them get married, and support them in raising children.
-Children can randomly inherit their parents' genes. Enjoy the fun of opening the blind box!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is WarriorVille?

WarriorVille is a medieval simulation game where players act as manor lords to build and manage their own kingdom.

What are some of the game features in WarriorVille?

WarriorVille has over 100 kinds of architecture to unlock, players can arrange the necessities of residents, revitalize the economy, and learn advanced technology. Players can also collect powerful heroes, defend against enemies, and see their villagers fall in love.

How can players earn gold in WarriorVille?

Players can view guild orders and complete them to earn gold coins and rare materials. They can also arrange the work and rest of their residents to increase output.

Can players collect historical figures in WarriorVille?

Yes, players can collect heroes that cover well-known historical figures such as Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and Louis XIV.

What are some of the different gameplays in WarriorVille?

There are various gameplays such as Imperial Expedition, Arena, and Fortune War that allow players to experience real ancient war.

How can players join The Lords Around The World community?

Players can join the community on Facebook at or discuss on Discord at