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About Wandering Castle

A real military strategy game at your fingertips! In the game, you will play as a commander, experiencing a brand new strategic warfare incorporated with castle retrofitting and castle moving. Recruit heroes of different races in the Tavern and let them fight for you. Launch a rally with your alliance to defeat other players, cleanse the Pollution Perimeter and save Yggdrasil!

Your castle is composed of rooms with different functions, such as the Lion Heart Throne, Food Workshop, Crystal Workshop, Research Institute, Barracks, and Warehouse. You can plan the interior of the castle according to the function of each room and your preferences!

You can move your castle on the Field according to your intention, and collect resources and supplies anytime, anywhere, never subject to an immobilized base. Move your city on the Field to create flexible battle strategies and show off your military talent!

You can retrofit your castle freely in the game. You can create a unique castle by retrofitting its skin, turrets and feet. A prosperous and dominant castle can only be created with your leadership.

At the Tavern you can recruit heroes of different races, including Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Undead. Each race possesses unique skills. The key to winning battles and defeating powerful enemies lies in making the most of unit countering, troop formation and hero skills.

Join an alliance and launch a rally with your allies to defeat the Pollution Perimeter Monsters! When dealing with the Pollution Perimeter Monsters, you may also face threats from other players. You must work with your allies and use strategy to defeat your enemies until you become the dominator of this world!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wandering Castle?

Wandering Castle is a military strategy game where players take on the role of a commander and engage in strategic warfare, castle retrofitting, and castle moving.

How can I customize my castle?

Your castle in Wandering Castle consists of different rooms with various functions. You can plan and customize the interior of your castle according to the function of each room and your personal preferences.

Can I move my castle in the game?

Yes, you have the ability to move your castle on the field according to your intentions. This allows you to collect resources and supplies anytime, anywhere, and create a more flexible battle strategy.

What can I do to optimize my castle?

In Wandering Castle, you can freely retrofit your castle. This includes modifying its skin, turrets, and feet to create a unique and prosperous fortress under your leadership.

How can I recruit heroes in the game?

The Tavern is where you can recruit heroes of different races, such as Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Undead. Each race possesses unique skills that can greatly impact battles and defeating powerful enemies.

How can I work with my alliance in the game?

By joining an alliance, you can collaborate with your allies to launch rallies and defeat the Pollution Perimeter Monsters. It is also important to use strategic thinking and teamwork to defend against threats from other players.
This game had a terrific first impression on me. This game has the potential to become well-known; well done to the game's creators. Keep up the good work!
There are fonts that are too small. Make inside the castle bigger. Graphics is good. Concept is good, just need a lot of improvement for the fonts and inside the castle size since it's too small.
Charlon MLs
Nice game but please fix the bug
RoseVic Bantilan
Good game
rica balenton
Need further improvement from font's to graphics. Needs settinga the graphics it's a must in all games. TY
Evander Bartolo