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About Ultimate War - Idle Fantasy RPG

Fantasy Strategy RPG game, Fight other players and claim the top.

Fantasy visual with over 180 different characters looks.

Create your own team using over 60 heroes each with different skills, and see who has the best team-building skills.



A war between all players to claim territories and train troops.

[9v9 combat]

A unique system where 18 heroes fight each other, and skills are cast by the user during an auto-battle system to create unique combos.

[Offline rewards]

Earn idle rewards whether you are online or offline every hour.


Summon materials to get powerful heroes, or if you are lucky you can get a hero directly.


Fight other players in a season based arena to see who is at the top.

[Boss mode]

Fight 6 unique bosses that represent 6 of the 7 deadly sins, and get materials to build a powerful team.


Enter raid and get jewels to strengthen your heroes.

[F2p friendly]

Paying only accelerates the progress of the game, but everything in the game can be collected without spending money.


compare yourself to other players to see who has the most power.


Join guilds to fight guild boss, enter guild raids, buy items from guild shop, and chat together.

[Guild raid]

Fight using the power of yourself and your guildmates against unique bosses.


Explore the world of Clockwork and its mysteries.

Disclaimer: This game uses firebase to store game data which is a powerful backend service that stores data in milliseconds for maximum performance

Terms of Service:
1.0 All data handled are simply to store the user data.
1.1 Permission to storage may be needed to fasten game loading.
1.2 TOS are subject to change but players will be notified.
1.3 In case of bug or error report to support in chat or discord.
1.4 Abusing a bug may result in the account getting banned.
1.5 Hacking is against the rules any attempt to hack will be taken seriously and the account will be banned.
1.6 Refund policy for items bought more than 48 hours ago: The amount refunded is affected by when the item is bought, and a refund may not be granted when the item passes a certain amount of time.


system requirements :
1 Gb ram
Android 6+

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I love the game
I have been enjoying the game.
AnimeMaster 9000
About 30 minutes into the game, snacked the name God, and hope the game blow up, it looks pretty good so far, easy to understand, and i really like, keep up the great work!