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About HeroVerse

Prepare your perfect strategy and puzzle-solving skill set to conquer the greatest treasure in HeroVerse!

Legend has it that, thousands of years ago, the Demon Lord traded his life to destroy the Stone of Stability, causing both of them to shatter. The stone fragments mingled with the demon lord's soul fragments to generate elemental shards that were scattered across the Earth.

Over the years, man has learned to harness the energy of these discarded objects to benefit their life. There are, however, some creatures that have been tainted by the elemental fragments' dark power. Only by restoring the Stone of Stability can the world's order be rearranged. The quest begins in a far fishing village in the south.

Our story is built by a hero pool consisting of 50+ powerful heroes with distinct personalities and power abilities. Understanding your heroes is the best tool to help you win a battle in the game.

Each hero is categorized into four races including Human, Beast, Forest, and Demon. However, different heroes will have different base stats.

HeroVerse focuses on more prominent RPG features: exploring and looting. It is more about how the characters evolve as they interact with the narrative. The nature of this progression and the choices users make mean that their abilities and journey may never be the same across multiple playgrounds.


Thrilling Color Match Puzzle.

Build your Legendary Heroes Squad.

Pet System: Strengthen your Heroes.

Explore the lore of the adventure.

Tons of Weapon Artifacts.

Master your combos.

Different Game Modes: Campaign - Daily Puzzle - Tower Raid - PvP.

Slash dragons and monsters in this epic fantasy - puzzle match RPG! Play HeroVerse NOW!

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Love this game!! Best earning crypto game I've personally played.
Alecia Hutton
If you're looking to get into a NFT game with little investment, this may be for you. Right now HER is low and the Heroes are cheap to buy. PVP is about to launch and will attract more players. The community...
david johnson
Good NFT game with a very good team.
Sambat Lim
Nice and easy to play P2E
Very fun game. A simple puzzle game with heroes that have active and passive abilities with different enemies to overcome and defeat. You can play as a guest for free or play with crypto tokens to earn money...
Andrew Ng
Love the game
Daniel Heinisch