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About Infinite Arena

Join with other players from around the world to lead your unique formation of heroes through epic real-time battles! Recruit. Conquer. Craft. Dominate!

“Very nice and chill idle game. Seems very f2p friendly.”

“Enjoyable game with almost no constraints on your units development, the more time you put in, the more you advance...Very fast developing and great community with a dev that carefully listen to his community's recommendations and opinions.”
-Guillaume BOSC

“...I love my little team.”
-Akai inu

Equip and customise your heroes, setup formations, then sit back and watch them battle automatically in real-time! Cast powerful spells to turn the tide of battle!


★Distinct Heroes★
Each hero is distinct! A large pool of job types, traits and body parts ensures that each hero is unique!
Work your way through job specific skill trees that unlock powerful skills for each hero!
Reincarnate and Promote your heroes to surpass even the strongest of enemies!

★Loads of Equipment★
Equip your heroes from a massive selection of items! Select items that suit the role of each hero to maximise their effectiveness! Match items of the same Affinity to gain powerful bonuses!

★Crafting & Upgrade System★
Collect components from battle to craft and upgrade items for your heroes! Efficiently craft while offline to maximise profit and fun!

★Auto-Conquest System★
Setup your hero formation and set them loose to clear stages automagically - earning gold, equipment and items!

★Worldwide PvP★
Compete with commanders from all over the world! Progress through ranked leagues for ever increasing rewards!

★Offline Loot Vault★
Clear stages and defeat players while you are online to increase the amount of gold earned while offline!


Please note that running the game on devices with less than 2GB of RAM could be potentially unstable, depending on what other applications are also running.

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Fun game.
Mariyah Azqila
Doesn't work. Black screen.
Godis Withus Vargas
Nice game, add something to make it more exciting thank you
chito maiso
thanks for fixing.
Jazzen Roi Pamunag
Huge campaign with in depth character customizations. Freedom to come up with creative strategies such as a tank summoner to overwhelm your enemies with sheer numbers.
Junkiat Ng
Seru game nya, sangat simple dan tidak membosankan
radityo harioso