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About Auto Puzzle Defense : Ninja Block

Leave the Hard Puzzles to AIs and Manage your Luck~

● How to Play
#1. Summon a Block. Let the Auto Puzzle start.
#2. Check the Blocks' Role. Respective Skills are activated upon Puzzle Match.
( Dealer · Debuffer · Growth · Buffer · Interference )
#3. Merge the Blocks with the same types and numbers. They will Evolve with higher Levels.
#4. Manage the Randomness. Choose which one to be left and to be Merged.
#5. Survive Longer by keeping up with the targeted Combination and Ratio!

▶ Create your own Deck with a Variety of Unique Ninja Blocks~

● Characteristics of Auto Puzzle Defense

【 Cool~ Puzzle Amplification!! 】
Burst the Puzzles at once with Item Blocks (Bomb, Paint, Magnet, etc.)!
More Blocks you Burst at once, More Amplified the Effects are!

【 Unlock the Potential to Rediscover Blocks!! 】
Unlock the Potentials and Evolve them to the Brand New Blocks.
Make them Class 10 to Unlock the Potentials~

【 Legend Block Chance~ 】
You can achieve respective Legend Blocks from Battle and Party Pass. (Seasonal Reward)
Don't Miss your 2 Legend Blocks every 2 weeks~

【 Automatically Stacking Idle Box. Wonder Cube~ 】
Special Rewards continue to accumulate in [Wonder Cube] without playing, even when Offline.
Just check your [Wonder Cube] out if you're busy~

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