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About Bugtopia

This first tower defense strategy game - Bugtopia!

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Recruit buggy heroes with different skills and abilities. Defeat invaders in the tower defense battles. Work with allies to protect your habitat from all sorts of villains!

【Various Bug Heroes】
Summon Rare, Epic, and even Mythic bug heroes. Unlock various skins and powerful skills!

【Tower Defense Battles】
Repel waves of invaders by placing your heroes on the battlefield with strategy. Keep the goblins, skeletons, werewolves, reapers, zombies off your territory.

【Develop A Mini Colony】
From an insignificant corner in the forest, to a prosperous buggy colony. Collect mushrooms, spring water, nectar to feed your subjects. Train more units to strengthen your army. Upgrade facilities in your Nest to unlock more features.

【The Fittest Survive】
The nature can be harsh sometimes. Send out armies to hunt for food or fight for territory. Join the competitive worldwide events to fight players from around the globe!

Build your Bugtopia now!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Bugtopia?

Bugtopia is a tower defense strategy game where players recruit bug heroes to defeat invaders and protect their habitat.

What types of bug heroes can be recruited in Bugtopia?

Bugtopia offers a variety of bug heroes, including Rare, Epic, and even Mythic heroes, each with different skills and abilities.

How do tower defense battles work in Bugtopia?

In tower defense battles, players must strategically place their heroes on the battlefield to repel waves of invaders. The goal is to keep goblins, skeletons, werewolves, reapers, and zombies off your territory.

Can I develop my own colony in Bugtopia?

Yes, you can develop a mini colony in Bugtopia. Starting from an insignificant corner in the forest, you can collect resources like mushrooms, spring water, and nectar to feed your subjects. By training more units and upgrading facilities, you can strengthen your army and unlock more features.

Are there competitive events in Bugtopia?

Yes, Bugtopia offers competitive worldwide events where players can fight against others from around the globe. These events provide opportunities to test your skills and compete with other players.

How can I start playing Bugtopia?

You can start playing Bugtopia by building your Bugtopia now. Simply download the game and begin recruiting bug heroes, engaging in tower defense battles, and developing your own colony.