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About Three Kingdoms: Global War

Three Kingdoms:global war is a high degree of freedom strategy card mobile game. The game uses numerous formation of squad deployment skills, which greatly test the military talent of each player! Here you can experience daily map adventure, arena challenges, legion warfare World Boss attack and so on. Cultivate unparalleled heroes and build your own squad to defeat all rivals from global servers!

Game Features:
1.Hundreds of hero skills. Play with strategy!
2.Lossless hero training system. Cultivate at will!
3.Claim VIP EXP and diamonds for free. Without any limit!
4.Daily login to get recruit times for free. Try your luck!
5.SR can be awoken to be SSR. No useless heroes!

Contact Us:
Email: [email protected]

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Great game! The devs are pretty generous and kind! This game reminds me of Dynasty Warriors, and it's really nostalgic.
Nice game 👍
Kang Kong
Wondeful game and very accomadating customer support thank you for fixing my problem i love you hope more event to come thanks
Hailey Winter
just started playing, like the game so far, exploring more...
Paul Fremen
Excelent game, you will like it so try. I encountered a problem and the devs immediately fix it.
armin dein
Nice game
Flex Daryll Cruz