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About Army of War

[Army of War] features a world where the monarchy has changed over the ages and is filled with wars and grand epics. Will you piece together its history and revive the legendary leaders who have faded with time? Or will you traverse spans of time to find like-minded allies to conquer the land? Enter the world of [Army of War] and discover what it has to offer, and more!

■ Free Unit Movement, Real-Time Global Battles
Build up your forces and take part in real-time battles that feature global players!
Choose to charge headfirst into hundred player clashes, pillage your enemies’ cities while they sleep, or perform a sneak attack to seize enemy armies and reap the spoils.
Call upon friends to create your Guild:
Strategize with allies to bait the enemy’s main force into an ambush or flank them with decisive maneuvers!

■ Clash of Civilizations & Strategies
Choose from different civilizations that span from east to west, and across all ages. Each civilization provides a different architectural style and development routes.
From the city of the rising sun, to the pearl of the desert, all of the greatest civilizations in human history can be restored in the palm of your hand.
Lead the civilization and its people to rise, conquer, and dominate!
Experience the fiercest clash of minds between humans that has taken place in the last thousand years!

■ The King Returns, Legendary Heroes Gather
Which Heroes will you align yourself with in this epic world? Will it be Catherine the Great, the one who claimed all of Europe? What about King Arthur, the once and future king? Or Napoleon, the greatest modern day general?
Command your troops in a myriad of ways when you combine both Hero abilities and historical tactics.
The glory achieved by kings and Heroes is now within your grasp!

■ Battle Use of the Map Terrain!
The snow plains, rivers, and mountains on the map provide rich strategic options for battle.
Use choke points to win against overwhelming odds or use a river as an obstacle to besiege your enemies from range. Those who can best make use of the elements will emerge victorious.

■ Immersive Battles with Next-Gen 3D Graphics
Take in all of the battlefield's details and realistic weather effects add to the epic atmosphere of battles.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Army of War?

Army of War is a game set in a world filled with wars and grand epics, where players can piece together its history and revive legendary leaders.

What kind of battles can I participate in the game?

In Army of War, you can participate in real-time battles with global players. You can charge headfirst into hundred player clashes, pillage enemy cities, or perform sneak attacks to seize enemy armies.

Can I create a guild and strategize with allies?

Yes, you can create a guild and strategize with allies. You can bait the enemy's main force into an ambush or flank them with decisive maneuvers.

Are there different civilizations to choose from in the game?

Yes, you can choose from different civilizations that span from east to west and across all ages. Each civilization offers different architectural styles and development routes.

Can I align myself with legendary heroes in the game?

Yes, you can align yourself with legendary heroes such as Catherine the Great, King Arthur, or Napoleon. Each hero has their own unique abilities and historical tactics.

Are there strategic options based on the map terrain in battles?

Yes, the map terrain, including snow plains, rivers, and mountains, provide strategic options for battle. You can use choke points or obstacles to your advantage.

How are the graphics in the game?

Army of War features next-gen 3D graphics that provide immersive battles with realistic weather effects, enhancing the epic atmosphere of battles.
Giving it a try!
Louis Smith
I like it!!
Kenneth Williams
I love this game
Joe Halsall
รђค๔๏ฬ ฬ๏ɭŦ
this game's realistic painting style impressed me a lot. For a senior slg player, this is valuable. The quaity of fhe graphic look good, also the heros. I hope the team run this game well.
Adan Scudder
best game played yet
Julius Mathey