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About Kingdom Clash - Battle Sim

Are you ready to join the epic battles to fight for the freedom of your kingdom? Embark on a journey to a medieval realm mired in cruel wars between kingdoms! Play Kingdom Clash to win every battle!


In this battle simulator game, you should deploy your soldiers on the battle arena to fight the enemy’s tiny army. Make wise decisions based on your battle legions’ capacity, enemies’ military forces and map conditions. The art of war is much harder than you think!


The ancient evil has awakened! It’s only you who can take down the mighty creatures and free your lands! Lead your army to dangerous lairs and don’t let your army fail in the war simulator game!


Collect, merge and upgrade your army to win every battle. Lancers, bombers, paladins, archers, and dozens of other troops are ready to fight for you, Commander! Unlock and level up all the warriors to build the strongest army in the world!


Gather legendary heroes in your tiny army to combat enemies faster! Every character has their own unique skills and abilities that may decide the war at a stroke!


Install the battle simulator and fight enemy armies in stylish 3D battle arenas. Dry deserts, frozen lands, green forests & other well-designed battlegrounds are waiting for the epic battles to begin. More locations are coming soon!

Become a real champion of the realm and defend your lands in this great battle simulator game! Play Kingdom Clash for free right now!


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Kingdom Clash?

Kingdom Clash is a battle simulator game where players fight epic battles to free their kingdom from cruel wars between kingdoms.

How should I deploy my soldiers in battles?

In Kingdom Clash, you should make wise decisions based on your battle legions' capacity, enemies' military forces, and map conditions to deploy your soldiers effectively.

What do I need to do to win every battle?

To win every battle in Kingdom Clash, you need to collect, merge, and upgrade your army, unlock and level up all the warriors, and make strategic decisions in deploying your soldiers.

Can I fight against epic bosses in Kingdom Clash?

Yes, you can fight against powerful creatures and bosses in Kingdom Clash to free your lands and lead your army to victory.

How can I strengthen my army?

You can collect, merge, and upgrade your army in Kingdom Clash to make them stronger and more powerful in battles.

Can I summon heroes in Kingdom Clash?

Yes, you can gather legendary heroes in your army in Kingdom Clash to combat enemies faster. Each hero has unique skills and abilities that can turn the tide of war.

What kind of battlegrounds are available in Kingdom Clash?

Kingdom Clash offers stylish 3D battle arenas set in various locations such as dry deserts, frozen lands, green forests, and more. More locations are also coming soon.

Where can I find more information about Kingdom Clash?

You can find more information about Kingdom Clash on our company's Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube channel. Please visit the provided links for more updates and community engagement.
Very nice ,looking forward to updates, Offline gains could do with being better 8)
ePeak UK
amazing game
Alireza Ghorbani