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About Tainted Grail Companion

Our Companion offers Tainted Grail player easy access to a full, up-to-date, dynamic Exploration Journal and other useful features.

Active exploration journal
An entire Exploration Journal at your fingertips, with easy location picker and clickable choices.

Requirement checks
Confirmation boxes with choice requirements reduce the chance for mistakes.

Campaign help
Are you stuck in your Chapter with no idea how to progress? Our Help feature offers players additional hints and information, depending on their current Chapter of the game.

Official sundtrack
Official Tainted Grail music to get you into the mood for exploration.

Latest updates
Our live Exploration Journal in the Tainted Grail Companion was updated with every issued fix and patch, and will always remain the most current edition of the Journal.

More to come
Stay tuned for news about voiceover, as well as support for other languages and other Tainted Grail campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What features does the Tainted Grail Companion offer?

The Tainted Grail Companion offers an easy access to a full, up-to-date, dynamic Exploration Journal and other useful features.

What is included in the Exploration Journal of the Companion?

The Exploration Journal of the Companion includes an entire journal with easy location picker and clickable choices.

How does the Companion reduce the chance for mistakes?

The Companion reduces the chance for mistakes by including confirmation boxes with choice requirements.

Can the Companion help me if I am stuck in a chapter of the game?

Yes, the Companion offers a Help feature that provides additional hints and information based on your current Chapter of the game.

Does the Companion provide official Tainted Grail music?

Yes, the Companion offers official Tainted Grail music to enhance the mood for exploration.

How frequently is the Exploration Journal in the Companion updated?

The Exploration Journal in the Companion is updated with every issued fix and patch, ensuring it always remains the most current edition.

Can we expect any future updates or features in the Companion?

Yes, stay tuned for news about voiceover, support for other languages, and other Tainted Grail campaigns in the future.
Looks perfect. Only used briefly so far but I can't see it changing much. Music adds a nice bit of ambience to playing and the app itself is very pretty. I like the physical book and may keep using it but th...
Nick McKeon
For a first version it does exactly what's needed. AR already mentioned having many other additions in future iterations (voice-overs, language additions, etc.)
I love this game!
Brian Wilkins
Looks good to go! Excited to get started back on our campaign soon.
Trent Dougan
Looks amazing! but without the game itself since I'm second wave and have spent well over $1000+ dollars on add-ons I'm not really wanting to spoil it by exploring the app in total. Having said that, from wh...
Jay Lawrence
Love this app. It makes it easier for the person reading the journal to avoid accidental spoilers and cuts down on time flipping to the Book of Secrets and back.
Sol Santistevan