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About Astral Soul Rising

The epic fantasy of millions of people; The dream of heaven.
magnificent fantasy world, extreme light effect, 360° freely exploration.
5 classes with 9 transfers, feel free to design your own character by capability, skin and weapon.
From ancient mythical creatures to high-tech shuttles, incredible mounts will accompany you throughout the journey of the adventure.
Free trade market of equipment, clan fun life, all in this fantasy world.

Free Flight
Sword, manticore, saucer, clouds...
Countless flying mounts! Unlock your imagination of flying.

Open World
A huge otherworld, differences.... diversities....
Enjoy thousand ways of adventure.

Free Trade
Rare items, mythical gears, legendary skill books...
The cross-server auction house, get everything you want easily.

Personality Show
Hundred sets of clothing items, free colour combination
Unlimited imagination, design your own ideal image.

Abundant Gameplay
Clan defence battle, encounter battles, resource battles
Party, Wedding, quiz competition;
Battles madman or a moment of leisure, you can all discover and satisfied.

Social Connection
No matter to save the world or make a happy drink,
here, you will never be alone.

For more information and when in doubt,
Please contact us at:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Astral Soul Rising?

Astral Soul Rising is an epic fantasy game that is popular among millions of people. It offers a magnificent fantasy world with extreme light effects and 360° freely exploration.

How many classes and transfers are available in Astral Soul Rising?

There are 5 classes with 9 transfers in Astral Soul Rising. Players are free to design their own character by choosing their capabilities, skin, and weapon.

What kind of mounts can be found in Astral Soul Rising?

Astral Soul Rising offers a wide variety of mounts, ranging from ancient mythical creatures to high-tech shuttles. These incredible mounts will accompany players throughout their adventurous journey.

Is there a trade market for equipment in Astral Soul Rising?

Yes, Astral Soul Rising has a free trade market for equipment. Players can easily buy and sell rare items, mythical gears, and legendary skill books through the cross-server auction house.

Can players customize their characters' appearance in Astral Soul Rising?

Yes, players have the freedom to personalize their characters' appearance. With hundreds of clothing items and the ability to freely combine colors, players can design their own ideal image.

What kind of gameplay options are available in Astral Soul Rising?

Astral Soul Rising offers abundant gameplay options, including clan defence battles, encounter battles, resource battles, parties, weddings, and quiz competitions. Whether players are seeking intense battles or moments of leisure, they can find satisfaction in the game.

Is there a social aspect in Astral Soul Rising?

Yes, Astral Soul Rising promotes social connections within the game. Players can team up to save the world or simply enjoy a happy drink together.