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About Otogi御靈錄

Have you ever encountered a mysterious event in your life that cannot be explained by common sense?
In fact, it is likely to be caused by "filth".
"Dirty" breeds in the wobbly heart of human beings.

Since ancient times, Onmyoji have worked to resolve such incidents.
And has continued into modern society.

Onmyoji and "yokai" with their own will
Working together to purify the filth and maintain the balance of the world——

■I have never seen such a "yokai"!
A "Yokai" companion to add color to your adventure!
A new interpretation based on gods, legendary weapons, folklore, and great men!

"Sick Girl" Kiyohime who turned into a snake
Come to Shibuya for sightseeing and fashion-loving fairy queen Titania…
Subvert the "yokai" you imagine and compose a legendary story!

Many popular seiyuu such as Tomatsu Haruka, Matsuoka Zhencheng, Shimono Hiro, Kobayashi Yu, etc.
Make the story more "sound and colorful"!

■1 "Yokai" 2 kinds of fun! ?
Popular illustrators Hibharaha, Kiyacho, *zoff, Miyoshino, ATARU, Kenichi Iwamoto
Handsome! cute! A little bit sexy! ?
The "yokai" who can't watch a hundred times are here! !

During battle, the yokai transforms into a more lovable 3D mod! !
The cute "Yokai" has become even cuter!
The handsome "yokai" has become a little cute! ?

Control the "yokai" to start an incredible battle adventure! !
Bring your favorite friends and complete the task together! !

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Otogi御靈錄?

Otogi御靈錄 is a game that revolves around Onmyoji and "yokai" working together to purify filth and maintain the balance of the world.

What are "yokai" in Otogi御靈錄?

"Yokai" are companions that add color to your adventure and are a new interpretation based on gods, legendary weapons, folklore, and great men. They are illustrated by popular illustrators and transform into a more lovable 3D mod during battle.
I love this game alot
Glad someone bring it back Now i am will start playing again Thx for bring it back
Didi Winjaya
So glad I get to relive Ayakashi through this game. Art is 10/10
very good game and the admin is very responsible.
archie val saberon
Story is fun and gameplay interesting would play over again.
I love you came back!
Darya Privet